Last bid to save face


By Elizabeth Sitotombe

THERE are rogue elements secretly mobilising individuals for mass demonstrations. 

They have been burning the midnight oil as their plans to destabilise the country appear to be gaining momentum.

In a last bid to save face, the West and their clueless opposition puppet Nelson Chamisa have become so desperate to overturn the election outcome they are resorting to dirty tactics.

Because the EU-preferred puppet candidate Chamisa lost his run for the presidency that union is childishly throwing a tantrum by withdrawing financial support to the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) to enhance its election management capacity. 

Certainly, we say good riddance; the EU is throwing a tantrum and churlishly accusing ZEC of failing to deliver credible elections.

These were funds meant to subvert a constitutionally elected Government.

We were well aware that EU observer groups were openly campaigning for CCC during the elections. They were behind the group that was arrested for attempting to rig the election at the Holiday Inn.

They had unrealistic expectations; Zimbabwe will never bow down to imperialists.

Now back to the planned demos; they have been dubbed god’s plan!

On Sunday, September 17, legislators, councillors and ward co-ordinators were ordered to convene district assemblies to outline final details of unsanctioned violent protests that are meant to take place starting anytime from this week. 

They are well sponsored and the usual culprits are funding this project.

The CCC provincial organising taskforce chairman, Eric Murai, will be co-ordinating the demonstrations while acting on Chamisa’s instructions. 

Murai was a House of Assembly Member of Parliament for Highfield East. 

In 2018, he was arrested for convening an illegal gathering, together with 17 other activists. 

They were engaged in a stand-off with the police after insisting on holding a rally without police approval.

The demonstrations are expected to go on for an indefinite period. 

The protestors intend to unleash these protests starting from residential areas, then proceeding into the city centre and storm ZEC offices with the aim of unleashing terror in the city.

Meanwhile, there is talk of shutting down the Beit Bridge border post and also hold demos there.

Using inciting language, the internet has been awash with calls for demos by certain groups and individuals for the past six days. 

On social media, Team Pachedu, a well-known regime change outfit, has been calling for nationwide protests: “From fear fokol to occupy, the constitution demands you to protest peaceful. You have a right to protest against a stolen election, a compromised at ZECzim. Don’t worry about ZANUPF they are cowards with guns. The streets are waiting.”

 The police will be waiting too!

The West should have learnt many valuable lessons by now — that all attempts to sabotage Zimbabwe will come to naught and that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

Zimbabweans are politically mature and they have since adopted a nonchalant attitude towards these calls for demonstrations; they will simply ignore them.

In the US, some members of the opposition are expected to lead protests at the UN Headquarters in New York on Saturday, September 23. 

Prior to that, the same hired individuals will be paid US$300 to protest against President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the day he is scheduled to address other heads of State on September 21 at the on-going United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

The opposition has this propensity for peddling falsehoods ahead of important events, both locally and internationally.

The intention is to discredit and bring the spotlight on Zimbabwe at UNGA so they can request for more sanctions on the country. 

Under the Second Republic, the Government continues to deliver and has made remarkable progress in rebuilding an economy battered by these illegal sanctions.

In his speech at UNGA this Tuesday, South African President Cyril Rhamaphosa called for sanctions on Zimbabwe to be lifted as they are causing untold suffering on the ordinary Zimbabweans. 

He went on to add that the sanctions had adversely affected the region as a ripple effect.

At the last UNGA, planned demonstrations were a flop, with only a handful of people turning up after the opposition failed to pay the money they had promised their hired protesters.

President Mnangagwa earlier on left for New York, US, to attend the 78th Session of UNGA, which is running under the theme: ‘Rebuilding trust and reigniting global solidarity: Accelerating action on the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals towards peace, prosperity, progress and sustainability for all’.

President Mnangagwa won the elections by 53 percent, with Chamisa in second place with 44 percent. 

The opposition claim the elections were neither free nor fair but failed to lodge a legal complaint.

Many nations, including the UN, have congratulated President Mnangagwa on his new term in office. 


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