MDC plotting anarchy…in face of exodus


THE so-called agenda 2021 address by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa on March 9 2021, while designed to bring to the fore his ‘frustrations’ with Government over alleged ‘failure’ to improve the economy, the real issue is that he is frustrated by his massive failure to unite his party that has suffered the ignominy of embarrassing splits and defections over the past few months.

In his inane address, Chamisa bizarrely claimed that Government was responsible for the disaster that has been reigning in his party, making weird allegations that President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to ‘destroy’ his stuttering party, among a host of other unproven allegations.

What was lost to him as he rambled with his infantile ‘address’, which is to be expected, was that the signs of the disaster that has rocked his embattled party were there from that moment he grabbed power during the MDC founding leader’s Morgan Tsvangirai funeral in February 2018.

What is emerging from that address and from people within his party is that there are plans to mobilise youths to embark on what they say would be sustained demonstrations across the country to achieve the following two objectives:

The first is to bring the country to its knees and put a dent on the economy that has been on the rebound despite the many challenges that have been posed by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

The impending success of the current agriculture seasons does not bode with the MDC’s politics of anarchy and destruction.

Also pervasive are the several infrastructural and other related projects that Government has been carrying across the country, further shuffling the MDC’s provocative politics behind the masses’ priority list.

The inescapable reality is that as the people continue to embrace and warm up to the Government’s policies, the MDC has become a non-factor in the bigger scheme of things.

2023 election results will buttress the above point.

The MDC is headed for an embarrassing defeat and they know it.

The second issue is that having been confronted by the disaster in his party that has several officials like Blessing Chebundo, Lillian Timveous among others defecting to the ruling party, while Douglas Mwonzora broke ranks with Chamisa, the beleaguered MDC leader now wants to divert attention.

Demonstrations suit his supposed strategy well.

But as is always the case, the plan is known and it will be dealt with decisively when the moment comes as it surely is.

The country’s progress cannot be held back by a bunch of inept youths who are being paid by known opposition funders to cause anarchy.

Even their plan of smuggling of stones, boulders and other weaponry into the CBD is known.

Again it will be swiftly dealt with when the time comes.

This is why it is important to unpack Chamisa’s ‘peaceful’ resistance utterances as contained in his so-called agenda 2021 address.

First let us hear what Chamisa says in that hollow address.

“The year 2021 will be marked with peaceful resistance and resilience. The language of the oppressed to resist the oppression,” said Chamisa.

“We will peacefully resist and oppose evictions, demolitions and any violations of people’s freedom and citizens’ rights.

“We will peacefully resist and oppose sustaining businesses and companies that oppress us the people.

“We will peacefully resist and oppose institutions that oppress us the people

 “We will peacefully resist and oppose

 “We will peacefully resist and oppose all unconstitutional acts.

“We will peacefully resist and oppose weaponization of law and the justice system.

“We will peacefully resist and oppose the illegitimate, the Oppressors that rigged the election.”

In the first instance, there can never be anything ‘peaceful’ about a demonstration that will to all intents purposes result in carnage and destruction of property. 

The reality is that the MDC is on a warpath, they want to destroy this country in order to achieve whatever their handlers are agitating for.

Chamisa goes on with his dreadful threats saying ‘our agenda for 2021 is to bring citizens together under A NEW CONSENSUS, A NEW CONVERGENCE, A NEW ALLIANCE a broad tent, to speak with one voice, act and win Zimbabwe for change,

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. You and I are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek,” he said.

It is clear from the foregoing that the MDC has sharpened its tools for a violent confrontation with Government, through invoking the month of March for their hatchet job.

It is critical to note that the month is important to the MDC in so far as their demon of violence is concerned.

This was the month that Tsvangirai and several MDC and opposition activists openly confronted Government on March 11 2007 under the guise of a ‘prayer’ meeting and left a reign of terror that is still being felt in the country up to date.

On August 31 2017, this publication published the following which exposed the heinous attacks launched by the MDC.

An article titled ‘The Battle Over Zimbabwe’s Future’, authored by Gregory Elich and published by Global Research on April 13 2007, gives a compelling insight into the MDC-T’s previously hidden track record.

Elich says:

“The ‘prayer meeting’ was in fact a demonstration that was part of the MDC-led Save Zimbabwe Campaign’s month-long ‘defiance’ campaign.

By calling the demonstration a ‘prayer meeting’, organisers hoped to get around the Government’s four-month ban on demonstrations that had been instituted after a rally the month before resulted in running battles between the police and crowds of MDC supporters.

The ‘prayer meeting’ tag was also useful for managing Western perception.

Troubles began on the morning of March 11 when a handful of demonstrators were arrested as they headed to the rally site.

At around noon, a group of MDC supporters attacked three unarmed police officers.

One officer managed to escape, but the other two were beaten and suffered serious head injuries.

‘As they ran, some of them dropped their batons so we picked up their discarded sticks and used them to beat them’.”

Let everyone keep their eyes open as the MDC tries to once again antagonise the country.


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