WHILE the world’s attention is firmly on the twin challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, an emerging, disturbing scenario where Africa is likely to once again be a victim of the ugly aftermath of those twin challenges is steadily gathering momentum through the complicity of certain political parties on the continent. 

This is so especially for Zimbabwe, where its erstwhile colonisers and enemies are ganging up to, once again, unleash another onslaught on the country through an array of what they believe are refined ‘strategies’ that will ‘finally’ send the ruling ZANU PF packing.

This time around, it will not only be the economy that they will be targeted; innocent people and infrastructure will also be in their crosshairs.

So vicious are these strategies that some Western embassies are funding terror activities by the opposition.

Gift Ostallos Siziba (second from left) and Gladys Kudzaishe Hlatywayo (right)

It is going to get worse in the coming few months where vigilante groups will undergo ‘specialised’ training in Europe ‘to defend their vote’, according to impeccable sources in CCC.

They are being trained to execute sabotage activities that will involve targeting strategic points such as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Munhumutapa Building and fuel stations, among others, while quickly blending with the crowds in a matter of seconds. 

They will be given state-of-the-art communication gadgets, with command centres being set up in a certain ‘friendly’ country in the region.

The eyes and ears of the State are watching and listening!

As has become the norm in our part of the world, Uncle Sam cannot be left out of the chaos.

He has to be there in the thick of things, leading from the front.

On June 15 2022, Uncle Sam, via its CIA extension, NED, held a dinner in Julius Nyerere Avenue where it sought to discuss the Chinese ‘influence’ in Zimbabwe.

‘(NED) invites you to a dinner for sharing perspective on the current situation in Zimbabwe regarding the New Parliament Building built by the Chinese,’ reads the invitation by NED.

It is quite clear to those with discerning eyes that NED could not invite its henchmen just to discuss the new Parliament issue. 

There had to be more and we saw it a few days later.

We are certain that while the Chinese’s formidable presence in the country has unsettled them, their focus is pretty much on the economy which they do not only want to destroy but to loot in the event that their CCC gets into power.

Muzarabani oil will not be spared.

Western economies, in particular, will need another lifeline; they will need resources, mostly raw materials, to fully recover from economic challenges wrought by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

They will need willing partners for accumulation of the said resources.

And they are there in their numbers, those allies.

The problem is that these allies do not see, or rather do not care deeply about their country to not sell it for a few pieces of silver — and they never learn.

For instance, late last week, they were back to their old and tired tactics of creating fictitious narratives of an opposition that is under attack from ZANU PF.

While CCC posted on their Twitter account claiming that their party vice-president Tendai Biti had been ‘attacked’ by ZANU PF members in Muzarabani, their spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere was posting on the same issue claiming that Biti had been ‘attacked’ in Murambinda, some 400 km away.

“Alert- Some suspected ZANU PF thugs have attacked @BitiTendai and other CCC leaders as they were driving through Adage in Muzarabani. The thugs mounted an illegal roadblock before stoning & damaging his vehicle.  We condemn this persecution,” said CCC.

Now take a closer look at the following message from Mahere.

“Disturbing report:

Yesterday, Hon @BitiTendai, Gilbert Kagodora and a group of our community organisers were violently attacked by a group of suspected ZANU PF youths at an unsanctioned roadblock close to Murambinda,” she said.

The idea is to project the country as a ‘banana republic’.

They even claim corpses of those who were never part of them, all for political capital and to pave the way for their Western handlers to have a smooth sail when the time comes. 

Zimbabwe stands warned of the impending ‘scramble’ which is not going to be a friendly entanglement by any measure.

The West has never been friendly when it comes to looting other nations’ resources as well as exploiting them.

They create chaos and bulldoze their way.

Already tell-tale signs are there for Zimbabwe, where they have been circling like vultures since late last year, using their naïve acolytes to do their bidding.

The sudden pressure on the local currency, the relentless price hikes, the looming fuel shortages, the release of huge funding to their people here on February 12 2022, the plans by the US Embassy to release funding to political players across the spectrum were not by accident.

These are activities that were created for what they believe will be a bigger objective in the run up to the 2023 harmonised elections.

The violence in Nyatsime, last week, where senior CCC people openly mobilised their supporters to unleash terror on innocent citizens, were all designed to plunge the country into anarchy.

They are working with two scenarios:

First, to push for another GNU.

Second, to tarnish those polls and make the country ungovernable.

However, these scenarios will not see the light of day when Patriot Bill becomes law.

This is not going to be an ordinary winter, both by way of the weather and political dynamics.


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