Spare the rod spoil the child …the Mahere factor


By Elizabeth Sitotombe

ZIMBABWE is under attack from traitors! 

Yes that’s what we call them — sell-outs, quislings, turncoats!  

They continue to abuse the democratic space opened by the Second Republic and use it to further their treasonous ambitions at the behest of their Western handlers.

Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti with their Western handlers.

That is the case with CCC spokesperson and so-called leading democracy activist and human rights lawyer Fadzayi Mahere.

She was recently in Geneva, Switzerland, where whites were ‘thrilled to have her’ because apparently they didn’t know she would be able to make it.

Their fear was that her passport would be seized by Zimbabwean officials, so they said because ‘she has the courage to speak out against the Government and was arrested multiple times’.    

And certainly Mahere did not disappoint her masters both at home and abroad.

Addressing the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) in Geneva, Mahere basically insulted millions of Zimbabweans as she openly and unashamedly begged the EU to impose additional sanctions for alleged human rights abuses in the country for a few pieces of silver and a pat on the back from her handlers — a whole lawyer peddling falsehoods and advocating sanctions and policies to further cripple our nation. 

Surely Mahere should know that for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. 

That is the Physics law of ‘cause and effect’

No doubt progressive Zimbabweans are not happy with Mahere.

She claimed the country’s judiciary and police are captured by the ruling Party following the arrest of Job Sikhala and Jacob Ngarivhume who were finally caught by the long arm of the law after continuously breaking the law.

Job Sikhala (left) and Jacob Ngarivhume

For some reason or another, opposition members translate maintenance of law and order to human rights abuses. 

“The government’s war against freedom and its weaponisation of the law against myself and other Government critics, such as Sikhala and Ngarivhume, is calculated to send a chilling message to the rest of society – we’re watching you, even on twitter and this is the punishment you get for participation in opposition politics,” claimed Mahere.

The sad thing is she forgets that in Zimbabwe criminals will indeed and indiscriminately be brought to book. 

No-one is above the law. 

Apparently, Mahere, well known for her dubious influence over CCC leader Nelson Chamisa (with whisperings of steamy liaisons) is no stranger to controversy. 

Here are some interesting facts about our ‘fellow Zimbabwean’ who recently travelled to Switzerland to tarnish her own country – a country she safely returned to.

She first came into the limelight when she demonstrated against the introduction of Bond notes in April 2016, working alongside another quisling Evan Mawarire and the so called #ThisFlag. 

She would later announce her bid to represent Mt Pleasant Constituency, Harare in the 2018 harmonised elections as a quasi-independent candidate. 

Mahere launched her manifesto which she popularised as the ‘Yellow Manifesto’ because of all its 21 yellow pages. 

Isn’t it ironic that it (yellow) is now CCC’s dominant colour!

In 2019, she joined the MDC Alliance as secretary for education, going on to become the party’s secretary for communication in 2020. 

She quickly became the person Chamisa could not ‘do without’ and to date there are squabbles in CCC over Chamisa’s close relations with her. 

On July 31 2020, she openly incited the people of Zimbabwe to oust the ZANUPF-led Government.

In July 2022, she hogged the limelight for all the wrong reasons after an online publication exposed her affair with a prominent businessman (name withheld) that subsequently led to the collapse of his marriage. 

On April 5 2023, Mahere was charged under Section 31 of the Criminal Law Reform and Codification Act for publishing or communicating falsehoods. 

She had falsely claimed that the Zimbabwe Republic Police had killed an infant using a baton stick in 2020.

In Geneva, the people Mahere so passionately and unashamedly pleaded with to disturb the peace in our country are the same people who killed our forefathers — and her forefathers. 

Indeed, this is nothing new; we have seen these treasonous acts from the Obert Masaraures, the Chamisas and Tendai Bitis of this country who globe-trot doing all they can to destroy the economic revival efforts, the image, achievements and progress being made by the Second Republic while under the rough and constraining conditions wrought by the sanctions already imposed on Zimbabwe by the West.

Obert Masaraure

Mahere, indeed, confirmed why the MDC-T, now CCC, was formed when she unwittingly — or was it wittingly — opened her mouth at that meeting.

What was she hoping to gain from that?  

It is said that if you follow the trail you will catch the rat — the Al Jazeera expose and Mahere’s bitter five-minute speech, followed by a sudden escalation of prices are very telling incidents.

As Mahere et al are actively globe-trotting, we have once again begun to witness a run on our economy — the relentless price hikes and the deliberate manipulation of the market. 

We all know where all this is going — that script has played before.

They seek to resurrect the chaos of 2008 where basic commodities were beyond the reach of many. 

The idea is to create an implosion of the economy and foment insurgency to please their handlers.

Some businesses have even gotten to the point of deliberately disabling point of sale machines in order to force customers to buy certain goods in US dollars. 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the other hand recently cautioned economic saboteurs in his Sunday Mail column: “No-one should doubt my Government’s resolve to correct blatant market failures, and to counteract and foil sinister moves to destabilise our economy. 

Government’s responsibility is to protect the consumer and to ensure stability in the market and inside the country. 

We will take all measures necessary to ensure there is stability, including painful ones should that ever become necessary.” 

Pundits contend the Patriotic Act is needed as a matter of urgency. 

They say we cannot keep having a few bad seeds derailing development efforts for their own selfish gains. 

Those who campaign for sanctions at the expense of other Zimbabweans should be warned because history has, time-and-again judged sell-outs harshly. 

The West has no permanent friends, just permanent interests and that rude awakening is nigh for those bent on furthering foreign interests for 30 pieces of silver. 

Perhaps it is also important to remind Mahere that the forthcoming elections are not in summer and that ‘Zimbabwe won’t be won for change’. 

It is what it is.


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