THE most strange thing about US President Joseph Biden’s stinging attack on ‘unfavourable’ election results denying candidates is how he has forgotten that his country is at the forefront of encouraging the same in countries like Zimbabwe where millions of dollars have been given to opposition lackeys to tarnish electoral processes and outcomes.

Biden finds himself in tandem with what we have said over the years that the freeness and fairness of an election is not determined by an opposition victory.

He fumbles in his rare but candid speech as he tears apart the nonsense that the US teaches the opposition here and everywhere else in the world.

“You can’t love your country only when you win,” Biden said at Washington DC’s Union Station.

“Democracy cannot survive when one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election: either they win or they were cheated and that’s where MAGA Republicans are today.”

The US held its midterm elections amid chaos that characterised Biden’s ascendancy to power in the November 3 2020 poll and threatening to unravel the folly of so-called American democracy. 

On January 6 2021, former US President Donald Trump’s embittered supporters, livid with the outcome of that disastrous poll which they said had been rigged, ransacked the US Capitol and unleashed an orgy of violence that has since made Uncle Sam’s proclamation as a champion of democracy a joke. 

These were familiar echoes of the anarchy that was almost caused by the MDC Alliance, now CCC mob on August 1 2018 barely 48 hours after Zimbabweans had cast their vote, claiming that ZEC was ‘rigging’ the election.

But our opposition here does not listen to anything that is not from America, and from Western capitals who are battling with failing and falling economies and soaring cost of living, spurred by their reckless attempt to annihilate a key economic player in their territory, Russia.

The opposition here are too naïve to discern that while they are soaking in the toxic trappings of the job they are being asked to do by their crass handlers- ‘delivering’ so-called ‘independence’ to Zimbabwe, this is a task that was not only completed on April 18 1980 but that the same people who stifled it for close to a century cannot suddenly become angels that will ‘deliver’ them.

And they believe ‘democracy’ will be brought through their illegal economic sanctions which explicitly says:

“The Secretary of the Treasury shall instruct the United States executive director to each international financial institution to oppose and vote against–

λ any extension by the respective institution of any loan, credit, or guarantee to the Government of Zimbabwe; or

λ any cancellation or reduction of indebtedness owed by the Government of Zimbabwe to the United States or any international financial institution.”

How a strangled Zimbabwean economy is supposed to deliver ‘democracy’ for and on behalf of the West is a mystery that we all may depart from earth without solving.

Which is why it is important to unpack Biden’s ramblings in the context of Western politics and viewpoint of other nations.

It has been a nightmarish year for the clumsy, stuttering Biden whose intrusive politics in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as his bizarre attempt to subdue economic powerhouse, China and oil giant, Saudi Arabia have returned to haunt him.

His erratic behaviour and disastrous policies have been unleashing relentless hammer blows on the pockets of his embattled citizens, further putting his already wobbly position as leader of that faltering country in dire straits.

The world too, for long stifled under Uncle Sam’s forbidding feet, is steadily and duly rising and standing up to him, deftly freeing itself from his mean grasp on economic and political affairs.

Biden went into those polls his back firmly thrust to the walls.

“Declining stock markets have hurt retirement accounts and Americans with credit card debt took another blow Wednesday when the Federal Reserve raised its short-term borrowing rate by another 0.75 percent,” CNN reported on Wednesday last week. 

“There are fears the Fed’s strategy could pitch the economy into recession and ruin one of the best aspects of the Biden economy – the low unemployment rate.

“Biden’s argument is implicitly that while inflation will fall, and economic damage can be repaired, the current election – and its legions of anti-democratic Republican candidates – could cause political wreckage that is beyond mending.”

That is not all.

“And in a new CNN/SSRS survey published on Wednesday, for instance, 51 percent of Americans said inflation and the economy was most driving their vote in the midterms,” CNN said.

And amidst all this chaos Biden is putting on a typical arrogant American face.

‘Democracy’, he said in that deceitful address, matters more than the pressing issues confronting the restless populace.

“This year, I hope you’ll make the future of our democracy an important part of your decision to vote, and how you vote,” he said. 

“Will that person accept the outcome of the election, win or lose?” he added, at the end of a campaign in which several GOP nominees have not guaranteed they would accept voters’ will.”

While the opposition continue to harp and lie about ZEC, ZANU PF and progressive Zimbabweans, we hope they have learnt a lesson or two from the forked tongue of their master.

The 2023 elections which are now upon us as we indicated recently will put everyone in their rightful positions. 


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