UK must behave…time for the Patriot Act


THE recent glowing praise of CCC by anti-Zimbabwe British Liberal Democrats kingpin Lord Jonathan Oates in the British Parliament is, without doubt, the tonic that Harare needed to take the opposition party’s leader Nelson Chamisa to task over his continued links with elements who have openly showed hostility towards the country.

Over the past few months, this publication, together with pro-Zimbabwe people from across the globe, have been telling the world that CCC is a British and US baby that is being cajoled to effect regime change through means outside the ballot box.

For instance, in recent weeks, Uncle Sam has upped the tempo in his bid to cause anarchy in the country.

On February 12 2022, Uncle Sam released huge funding to local NGOs and related outfits to scale up anti-Government attacks as they prepared to distabilise the country’s economy.

This was confirmed last week when Pachedu, a well-known regime change entity, together with the likes of ZINASU, launched an audacious attempt to force Zimbabweans to go on strike under what they dubbed #ShutdownZimbabwe campaign.

As with previous attempts to sabotage the country’s economy, the so-called shutdown was a complete failure as Zimbabweans went on about their business.

But that is the beginning of what will be a relentless onslaught on the Government of Zimbabwe as more activities are being planned by Western-funded organisations in the country.

The idea is to push for the shelving of the 2023 harmonised elections which are pointing towards another resounding victory for ZANU PF.

Zimbabweans should be wary!

While Uncle Sam has been huffing and puffing both in Harare and Washington, on the other side of the Atlantic are the British who have been slowly climbing out of their shells since November last year, despite having initially showed an inclination towards normalising relations with Zimbabwe.

This is where the likes of Oates, whom they think is an ‘expert’ on Zimbabwe, come in.

Oates, who was a temporary teacher at a rural school in Zimbabwe before venturing into full time politics, claimed in the British Parliament a few weeks ago that ZANU PF had ‘hounded’ CCC and Chamisa in the run-up to the March 26 2022 by-elections.

Gripped by his uncanny desire for the return of the pre-2000 land ownership patterns in the country, Oates laid siege on the ruling ZANU PF Party, claiming that it ‘stopped’ Chamisa from using his party’s name, the MDC Alliance, among a host of baseless allegations.

Zimbabwe embarked on the historic and heroic Land Reform and Resettlement Programme in 2000 which infuriated the British who in turn responded by haranguing the Western world to impose illegal economic sanctions on the country.

The British anger is palpable as seen by their numerous attempts to oust ZANU PF from power since 2000.

But, time-and-again, they have failed dismally to read the political temperature in Harare which is why they are becoming desperate and reckless in their vain attempts to change power dynamics in the country.

Zimbabweans are not about to surrender their country to the British; they colonised the country once but never again.

Zimbabwe will never be a colony again, not now, in the future or generations to come.

Oates’ coming out in the open creates serious problems for their limping horse, Chamisa, with the alert voter.

The voter is pretty much aware of what needs to be done in order to put to an end to the madness that CCC is pursuing on behalf of their British and American handlers.

The 2023 polls will put them in their rightful positions.

And Oates and his frivolous lies cannot go unchallenged.

He conveniently ignores the embarrassing fights that Chamisa waged against his opponents, such as Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora while the MDC founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s body was lying in state in February 2014.

Chamisa would up the tempo during Tsvangirai’s burial at Humanikwa Village in Buhera when he unleashed his goons, who call themselves the Vanguard, on Khupe, Mwonzora, Obert Gutu and others who were opposed to his unconstitutional ascendancy.

The Vanguard almost burnt alive Chamisa’s opponents who had sought sanctuary in a hut on a rainy afternoon in Buhera.

Of course progressive Zimbabweans would not expect such narratives from the likes of Oates who still dream of owning and controlling the country’s land and natural resources using the likes of the hapless Chamisa and his equally inept allies as conduits.

“In those elections, the main opposition party was denied the right even to use its own name in these elections or to access the public funds it was entitled to,” said Oates.

“In response, its leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa, announced the formation of a new political movement called the Citizens Coalition for Change, or CCC.

That party won 19 of the 28 parliamentary seats up for election, despite its formation just two months before the polls; its lack of funds, and widespread intimidation and obstruction of its campaign by the State.

“By contrast, Zanu PF’s puppet opposition faction, which had been gifted approximately $1,5 million in campaign funds by the State, won precisely none.”


If the British still thought they could do as they please with this country then they have another thing coming.

Chamisa will have to explain the exact nature of his links with Britain as unwittingly outed by the bland Oates — he must explain.

We are also aware of the neighbouring country that they are using to channel funds for CCC regime change agenda activities and the time is coming where we will not only expose that unholy alliance but demand those involved to explain their treacherous, destructive actions.

Within Zimbabwe, the PVO Act is coming to curb the nonsense that the British and the US are trying to do here and it is going to be a nasty dalliance with the law for their henchmen.

That is the democracy they talk about and it will be exercised in full.

We leave it here for now.


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