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US escalates anti-Zimbabwe war

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THERE was nothing surprising or unusual about the US’ extension of its illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe on December 4.

The announcement is just another escalation of Uncle Sam’s economic war and hostility against the country.

The extension again demonstrates that the US thrives on fooling the world and remains consistent and persistent in its programme to destabilise nations that do not play to its tune.

The lie of extending sanctions this time was concealed in targeting Government systems that, and individuals who, delivered electoral victory to ZANU PF.

That the election, as with others, was won on the basis of the ruling Party’s people-oriented policies and the massive strides that have been made on the economic front in spite of those devastating sanctions, does not matter to Uncle Sam.

Unnamed individuals from the judiciary, security, ZEC and other key institutions will be targeted in the latest round of Uncle Sam’s sanctions for abiding by the same law that the Americans claim is being violated by those people!

Unlike in previous years where Uncle Sam has boisterously announced blanket economic sanctions on Zimbabwe, which they provocatively refer to as ‘targeted’, this time around the embargo was, on paper, ‘mere’ visa restrictions, a rare climb down from the self-proclaimed ‘champions of democracy’ and an approbation of Harare’s engagement and re-engagement drive.

But that drive requires reciprocation from friendly nations who respect Harare’s independence and sovereignty as well as territorial integrity.

Certainly not Uncle Sam’s lukewarm attempt to mask the now difficult to conceal reality that its faltering regime change project, ably fronted by the opposition and its cohorts in the civil society, is anchored on looting Zimbabwe’s natural resources.

It is no secret that the US is peeved by  new emerging super powers, such as China, and has not hesitated to take out its anger on nations dealing with the Asian giant.

The US is in a ‘war’ with China over access to mineral resources but, unlike the Asian giant, it has bully tendencies towards nations it deals with.

And Chinese massive investments in lithium in Zimbabwe has left Uncle Sam in a conundrum over the Zimbabwe issue.

It is simply in a catch-22 situation; if it chooses not to deal with Zimbabwe, the country is not short of friends.

The US has been beaten to the lithium game by the ever friendly China and yearns to be part of the extraction of the same mineral hence their unusual climb down.

There is no cause for celebration, however.

The US needs Zimbabwe and there is no, and has never been a, vice versa to the situation.

But their grudging admission of the futility of their attempt to topple the Government and subsequent move to make amends with Zimbabwe, which is forging ahead in spite of the illegal embargo, presents the latter with the opportunity to crack the whip on its now perennial belligerent tormentor.

Zimbabwe, with time and competitive advantage on its side, must simply respond in kind to Uncle Sam’s continued insanity.

According to Albert Einstein, insanity is repeating the same (thing) and expecting different results

“Much more, they (latest sanctions) make Zimbabwe’s tit to any American tat so easy and instantaneous to frame and execute,” wrote Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba in his Saturday Herald column, @ Jamwanda2 last Saturday.

“Time is long past when the villainy which America taught and gave us, is not fully executed and reciprocated by us.”

And the Americans, forever on the prowl, forever selling the world a dummy, created the illusion that their latest sanctions were premised on the August 23 harmonised elections.

They have a point though!

Those polls, despite the innumerable financial resources they poured into the CCC war chest, did not produce the desired outcome — an opposition victory.

This is why the December 4 sanctions statement titled: ‘Visa Restriction Policy for Undermining Democracy in Zimbabwe’ by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was largely drawn from SADC EOM chairperson and Uncle Sam’s agent, Nevers Mumba’s election ‘report’.

“I am announcing today a new visa restriction policy for undermining democracy in Zimbabwe,” said Blinken.

“Under this policy, the United States will pursue visa restrictions, pursuant to Section 212 (a) (3) (C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, for individuals believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining democracy in Zimbabwe.

Such acts may include manipulating or rigging the electoral process; disenfranchising voters or preventing individuals from exercising their right to vote; excluding members of the political opposition from electoral processes; restricting the ability of civil society organisations (CSOs) to operate and engage in democratic, governance or human rights related activities; or intimidation of voters, election observers, or CSOs through threats or acts of physical violence.”

He goes on, whining about CCC’s trouncing in those elections, inadvertently letting his country’s August 23 electoral manipulation cat out of their bullying bag.

“Family members of such persons may also be subject to these restrictions. Anyone who undermines the democratic process in Zimbabwe — including in the lead-up to, during and following Zimbabwe’s August elections — may be found ineligible of US visas under this policy.”

Then the usual lie:

“The visa restriction policy will apply to specific individuals involved in these acts, and is not directed at the Zimbabwean people.”

However, this malice has nothing to do with elections, democracy or human rights.

It is specifically designed to undermine the country’s institutions in order to pave way for Uncle Sam to finally have a bite of the Zimbabwean cherry, something impossible given the unbreakable bond between the masses and their leadership.

If anything, during those polls, Uncle Sam ‘undermined’ Zimbabwe’s democracy .

The nation’s democratic processes were clearly visible and attested to by the pre and post-election reports by the AU, sober members of the SADC EOM and others.

This is the democracy that is being undermined by their horse, Nelson Chamisa, whose previously masked dictatorial tendencies are now under the full glare of the world and have since split his beleaguered party.

Also, the so-called ‘restrictions’ are targeted at the people of Zimbabwe whose credit ratings have taken a severe battering as a result of those sanctions.

The country and its financial institutions cannot, for instance, attract fresh capital due to those sanctions and this slows the country’s prospects for economic growth.

This is why whispers of reciprocation from the corridors of power cannot be ignored.

Uncle Sam continues to bully a peaceful nation determined to develop on its own terms.

Soon, Zimbabwe will have the last laugh!

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