King James was black: Part Three


KING James wrote, “They hate me, not because there is any evil or vice in me, but because I was a King who hacked out the highest evil.
“They were ashamed and busy to look narrowly at all my actions.”
The baldest move that was taken against King James was an assassination attempt orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Church.
It was in November of 1605, two years after the crowning of King James in England.
A man called Guy Fox was discovered beneath the parliamentary house of England where King James and his nobles and statesmen were to meet in a few hours.
With him were explosives, nearly a tonne of gunpowder that had been put in place after 18 months of meticulous planning.
Guy Fox did not respond to the interrogators, but the next morning he was brought before King James.
When King James asked him why he wanted to do such a thing, Guy Fox replied, “I wanted to blow you back to your Scottish mountains.”
However, it was not Fox who was behind the whole plot, but the Catholic Church which had recruited and sent him.
There was a Catholic man called Robert Catesby who had many followers and was known for devoutly serving the Catholic Church.
Robert Catesby had great hate of King James and the Scotts and he vowed revenge on them because they had won over England and Scotland, territories that the Catholics had wished to control.
There were altogether five participants in the plot to kill King James, namely, Robert Catesby (leader), Guy Fox, Thomas Pursy (Eldest), Tom Winslow (Catesby’s cousin) and Jack Wright (renowned swordsman).
These men were convinced by the Catholic Church that they were fighting a holy war and King James had to look out for such elements his whole life.
After assassinating King James, the Catholics planned on imprisoning his children, re-establishing England as a state loyal only to the Pope, and they would kill anyone who got in their way.
A Catholic ambassador named Nicolo Molin once wrote this about King James: “He is a protestant…, the King tries to extend his protestant religion to the whole island, King James is a bitter enemy of our religion.
“He frequently speaks of it (Catholicism) in terms of contempt.
“He is all the harsher because of this.”
Despite all this hate from the Catholics, King James succeeded in all he put his mind to and he received praise from his followers.
King James’ legacy stretched beyond Britain’s borders and reached America. Britain would eventually control the whole of North America.
The American colonies were divided into 13 provinces and English became the official American language.
King James the 1st of England was thus the founding monarch of the United States of America.
King Charles Stuart the 2nd who was born in 1630 and died in 1685 was a son of King James the 1st of England and he inherited his father’s kingdom.
This particular son of King James was known throughout his life by the name ‘Black boy’.
The name Stuart is derived from the word ‘svart’ or ‘swarthy’ which is Nordic and old English for ‘black’.
King Charles Stuart the 2nd was described as a tall black man during his escape from a battle in Worcester.
King James the 1st of England was also popular for his theatrical plays which he employed black people to act in.
These blacks sometimes were hired from other nations and they had last names which comprised of the word Moor.
Even King James’ court was full of notable Moors.
Nowadays, King James the 1st of England and his son King Charles Stuart the 2nd are often wrongly portrayed as white people as with the case with Yahushua and Hannibal.
An original portrait of the first King James of Scotland shows a black King with wooly hair and so does a surviving depiction of King Charles Stuart the 2nd (Black boy).
The false images are there to whitewash the legacy of these great blacks and to hide the black origins of European monarchs.
King James’ lineage was one of many black monarchs that ruled in northern Europe.
There is evidence that the Stuart lineage of France was black and so was the royal family of Denmark from which the likes of Anne of Denmark came from.
Nations such as Britain were lowly and lacked world influence until King James made them grow into the world powers we know today.
Unfortunately, as was with the case of the southern Europeans and the Moors, the whites of northern Europe choose to hide the black origins of their greatness. However, the symbols of Moors (blacks), lions, ostriches and other pro-African images on European flags and crests are evidence to the past legacy of blacks in those lands.
In America, Britain remained in power until 1782.
Envious European nations such as France and Spain continued to fight against Britain in Europe and America.
In Europe, the Spanish and Dutch would sabotage the British navy and try to suspend their trade.
In America, the French would actually go to war with British troops and they were assisted by Spain.
It was the Catholic Church which was fuelling the hate because the British were not Catholic but Protestants and their influence was rising.
In 1779 and 1780 there were wars of independence fought in America and the nations of France, Spain and Netherlands were in the forefront.
It was during these wars that some blacks were incorporated into the army to fight. When Britain was in power, it sent troops by ship and many of the first English settlers in America came as troops.
Blacks that came as slaves to America were also used to fight the rebels and the terrorists who were the Americans.
This part of history is largely ignored but the relationship between Britain and America at this time was very sour.
The blacks that were made to fight when they arrived in America were the ones that Bob Marley referred to as Buffalo soldiers.
The buffalo like the bison was populous in the American wilderness and was a usual sight to the soldiers of that time.
These animals would eventually be overhunted and now their numbers have greatly depleted.
In the Bible it is written that in the last days, the tribe of Israel will be using the language of Canaan.
King James’ contribution in successfully translating the Israelite scrolls into English is therefore remembered by enlightened black Americans as a great service because most Israelites (who are black) have been estranged to Hebrew over the thousands of years of displacement and slavery by the whites.
If the Catholic Church had succeeded in outlawing all bibles but the Latin bible as was the case in the past, the stories of the bible would still be unknown to us or would be highly corrupted.
King James the 1st of England translated all the biblical books and defined punishment and fines if anyone was to censor or alter any book of the Bible.
The books of the Apocrypha were also included in the 1611 King James Bible. However, in the 1800s, long after King James’ death, the British excluded the Apocryphal books in the modern day King James Bible.
King James was a great black man!



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