A shutdown that had no takers


AS expected, the stay away called for on Monday, May 9, by some mischievous political and civil groups turned out to be a big yawn as Zimbabweans completely ignored it.

The shutdown call, hyped on social media, was meant to paralyse the country.

Like what has happened  before, the envisaged nationwide strike  was meant to cause massive disruptions to business, transport, healthcare and educational institutions.

This would be accompanied by the inevitable mayhem and subsequent wanton destruction of property; and if the worse became the worst, even death.

Notorious groups, like the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, were also hoping that the failed schools boycott at the beginning of the term would now be a success.

But let’s just pause for a moment and find out the motivation behind the instigators. It is a continuation of the regime change agenda championed by the West from the time they created the MDC, now CCC.

They believe disorder, which might lead to an uprising, will result in the fall of the ZANU PF Government.

And yet it is paradoxical that leaders of all the proposed shutdowns are black Zimbabweans.

They are being used by white capital to be the pole bearers by the Western regime change kingpins.

Instead of fighting the West for their evil illegal sanctions, they are unashamedly conniving with the enemy to have their country destroyed.

Indeed, this is the height of treachery!

That’s how low some people are prepared to sink. 

How can, at this stage when our economy is still recovering from stagnation caused by COVID-19, a genuine indigene be seen to be  encouraging the country’s shutdown and all that it entails? 

The West has always been using its proxies to bring about regime change in our region. 

 This is not limited to Zimbabwe as all Southern African countries led by former liberation movements are targets.

Already, South Africa have their own traitor in the form of Mmusi Maimane who joined local rogue elements in calling for a shutdown in Zimbabwe.

This failed black politician, once leader of the mainly white Democratic Alliance, must have received a pat on his back from his Western regime change handlers.

And once destruction follows a strike, the leaders are usually rewarded handsomely for contributing towards the demise of their own country.

But this time the attempted stay away failed dismally.

Zimbabweans have been empowered and are now in control of their own businesses and industries.

Many are even self-employed.

It’s not like long back when most of the key employers in industry were the very people who wanted to effect regime change. That is the time when sellouts in the country’s trade unions became strange bedfellows with the employers.

For whenever there was a national shutdown, employers, then, did not hesitate to encourage their employees to stay away.

Things have changed, for indigenous owners of business will never connive with those who want to see our economy collapse.

Sometimes these saboteurs threaten citizens with brutal reprisals if they ignore the call to strike.

That’s where the police come in.

On Monday, the police were quick to assure law abiding citizens of maximum protection.

The citizens, showing their confidence in law enforcement agents, went about their business as usual, countrywide.

Zimbabwe is a country enjoying uninterrupted peace.

The peace the citizens are enjoying is because the ZANU PF Government is fulfilling its overriding function – that of maintaining peace and order.

Regime change proponents hate this. As for the ill-advised call to strike, all responsible groups voiced their disapproval of the proposed illegal action.

The business community, through the president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers, Denford Matashu, religious leaders and society at large all condemned the call.

May be, the latest total collapse of the shutdown will make regime change funders and their puppets think twice before calling for more irresponsible destructive action.


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