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THERE is trouble in ‘paradise’. 

News filtering through is that all is not well in the Nelson Chamisa-led CCC. 

The outfit has no structures but the axe is hovering over the so-called heavyweights in the Western-funded party. 

Apparently, the pastor leading CCC feels threatened by his ‘ministers’ who seem to be gaining ground while he spends much of his energy preaching on twitter. 

Job Sikhala, touted as one of the party’s most vibrant members, is in remand prison, duly so for his unbecoming behaviour. 

Another member, Charlton Hwende, is a distressed fellow who has totally abandoned his mission to canvass support for the opposition in an operation they had termed ‘Mugwazo’. 

Hwende felt his efforts were not being appreciated and that he was being abused as a senior member of the party. 

He seems to have taken the backseat for now. 

In comes the megalomaniac Tendai Biti. 

Second in command, but he knows a good section of CCC supporters want him at the helm. 

He is one character who still believes that he should be the face of the opposition, not the pastor. 

After the demise of Morgan Tsvangirai, Biti, despite his toxicity, has somehow made efforts to portray himself as the godfather of the opposition. 

But history is not on his side. 

Elsewhere in this issue we have highlighted how he has tried in vain to be a leader that he is not. 

That he broke away from the mainstream MDC to form his own party in no secret. 

Years later, he finds himself second in command to a leader he rightfully deems clueless and useless. 

The pastor has turned his back on him because he is, and has always been, a threat to his ‘throne’. 

Chamisa has turned to other clueless newbies in the party. 

He now finds solace in the duo of Fadzayi Mahere and Gift Ostallos Siziba. 

The three musketeers are literally blundering in the CCC, much to the disgust of Biti and his camp.

But nothing can be far from the truth. 

Biti, just like other disgruntled members in the CCC, cannot do anything about it. 

The dictatorial tendencies displayed by the pastor from the time he assumed office are clear as day, and as we mentioned in this issue, the pastor is busy burning midnight oil crafting how to get rid of those members of his party threatening his pole position. 

Could a palace coup be looming in CCC?

Meanwhile, while the so-called heavyweights in CCC are in a spiral to self-destruction, the 2023 harmonised elections are here and ZANU PF is not looking back. The ruling Party continues to deliver on its promises to the people as evidenced by the massive developments countrywide being spearheaded by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his team. 

Meanwhile, Chamisa and his stooges kill time on Twitter. 

They forget that the electorate wants to see tangible deliverables. 

Zimbabweans have evolved over time. 

They will vote for development. 

They will vote for peace and they will vote for unity. That is what President Mnangagwa and team are giving to the people – development, peace and unity. 

That is why we say CCC adores ZANU PF and loves its way of handling things.

For now, CCC will continue selling hopes and dreams on twitter while ZANU PF continues to develop the country, improving the lives of the majority.

The 2023 elections are a forgone conclusion.


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