Let’s move forward united 


WE are now in December and 2022 is coming to an end. 

It has been an eventful year and the hype, drama and sobering realities we encountered are finally coming to a close. 

We have made tremendous achievements as a nation in most sectors of the economy.

We must also take a moment to pause and reflect on the numerous cadres, family and friends we have lost along the way. 

It’s very difficult to lose those we love. May their souls rest in peace and power. 

In the spirit of unity, we celebrate Unity Day annually on December 22.

This is a historic day because that is when the Unity Accord that brought together ZANU PF and PF ZAPU was signed in 1987.

Who doesn’t remember that iconic picture of the late former President Robert Mugabe and the late former Vice-President Joshua Nkomo holding hands?

It’s surprising that few people stop to think about this day, which is dwarfed by the more worldly Christmas celebrations, let alone remember its significance and story.

Unity Day is not only overshadowed by the overly commercialised Christmas celebrations, but also by forces within and outside of our nation who would rather divide than unite us.

Unity Day is either made insignificant by some or used as a platform to reopen ethnic wounds masterminded by the colonial regime.

Therefore, as we feast and take on the wise waters, unity should be uppermost in our minds.

We should remember we are diverse, but one.

We must to unite and work for the development of our beloved Zimbabwe.

Policies and programmes have been put in place, setting the platform for economic boon for the country.

Our brilliant sons and daughters of the soil were capped at various institutions of higher learning in the country, in unprecedented virtual graduation ceremonies.

We hope that these various institutions are churning out graduates who will sooner, rather than later, put their shoulders to the plough.

Government is putting in place policies that will empower the innovative and hardworking among us.

Opportunities for those willing to create employment are there.

I appeal to our graduates to take up and be actively involved in our discourses, to be part of the agenda of shaping our nation to become a force to reckon with.

We are all in the process of rekindling the Zimbabwean spirit, of restoring confidence in ourselves. 

No doubt we want to be ourselves in the family of nations and not apologise for who we are.

Our youth, leaving institutions of learning, must have a strong sense of purpose and patriotism.

The hard truth is that this nation will work again, no matter what spanners are thrown, but our success, which will be achieved no matter what, depends on our attitudes.

Yes, our attitudes will determine the time success will come, soon or a bit later, is entirely dependent on us.

We are the authors of our future, but sadly, there are some missing this point.

Indeed, politics has had its fair share and now it is time to focus on the economy. 

As we round up 2022 let us all remember as Zimbabweans that unity is vital and that we are diverse but one.


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