Our farmers continue to shine


ZIMBABWE’s Land Reform and Resettlement Programme had many spelling doom for the nation but the country did not fall and every year, as we have the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, more evidence is exhibited of the success of the exercise.

And the Second Republic continues to expend its energies on building a healthy Zimbabwe through continued and increased support for agriculture.

The agricultural bonanza shows us that the indigenes are working hard on their pieces of land.

Going round the stands at the show, one cannot help but value and appreciate what the country has.

Products being exhibited point to the fact that true ownership of resources is rooted in knowledge and use of that which is owned.

I know that there are some among us who are struggling to fully exploit their land, these need our help.

Failure to exploit must not mean we must forfeit.

All it takes to exploit, on our part, might just be knowledge.

It is time that, as a nation, we treat ourselves right and love ourselves the same way outsiders love this country, by fully utilising our land for the benefit of the nation.

The establishment of institutions, like the Innovation and Agro-Industrial Park at Marondera University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, shows how we are fully embracing technology in our agricultural activities.

Let us use these institutions to spur the growth of the agricultural sector.

The country’s Land Reform and Resettlement Programme of 2000 remains one of our major milestones in our march towards total emancipation.

While the land reform initiative has attracted the wrath of the embittered West, whose kith and kin held large swathes of prime land prior to the year 2000, the programme has not only empowered and uplifted the lives of millions of Zimbabweans, it has also created a solid base for the physical and psychological wellbeing of the masses.

And the success of the programme is there for all to see as shown by the agricultural shows held around the country.

With all the dams that are being constructed, with all the support schemes being availed, success in the agricultural sector is certain.

Soon, we shall have a thriving agro-industry anchored on massive production from beneficiaries of land reform who have done well under constraining circumstances wrought by the illegal economic sanctions.

The programme has achieved its intended target of capacitating the masses, empowering and giving them a sustainable livelihood.

Indeed, food security is vital for many reasons and the most important one is that it ensures sufficiency and lessens the burden on Government.

With food security, most of our problems will be solved; a thriving agricultural sector will be a boon for the economy.

Food security means imports will be reduced, bringing down the import bill.

It is important to note that every dollar that the nation can save is critical; it is money that will be deployed to other areas of desperate need.

With Zimbabwe having already set the pace, in spite of the Western-sponsored illegal economic sanctions, the rest of the continent can take a leaf from Harare and put in motion processes that give them unfettered access to land.

We will not allow our detractors and their stooges to stand in our way and derail us.

Zimbabwe is moving forward.


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