Zimbabwe comes first


WE only have to go back in time to know what is right. 

Our history is replete with evidence of selfless service to the nation.

Great Zimbabwe and the Khami Ruins, Mbuya Nehanda, King Lobengula and the Chinhoyi Seven are all evidence of a people determined to assert themselves as a productive people driven by a deep love of their country.

We must not tire of remembering and telling our story. 

Ours is an exciting history.  

We must inform the people of their history, their cultural heritage and the limitless potential of their natural and human resources. 

It is important that we tell our story and not wait to hear it from the citadels of some foreign land with sinister agendas.

We have seized our political power, our land and we control our natural resources.

Now it is the intellectual space that we must effectively take over. 

It is a fact that we did not wait for other countries to liberate us.

We took the initiative and those willing to help joined us. 

In the same spirit, we should seize the intellectual agenda and write as well as study everything that defines and makes us a people.

We must not stop providing Zimbabweans with well-researched information about what constitutes our heritage in its richness and diversity. 

Our story, as a people, should not come second in all our endeavours. 

It reminds Zimbabweans of their past and gives them reason to celebrate their successes and achievements throughout the ages. 

Our story will help us recover the ‘lost’ generation of youths who believe in other nations and salute other flags as if theirs is not as important. 

Due to no fault of their own, many of them seem to have somehow lost their way, chasing the mirages of the Western world. 

Let us sing the Zimbabwean story very loudly from every mountain top. 

Nobody will sing this song for us except ourselves. 

I will repeat once again that we should not seek to be better than the next person, but to improve our lot as a people.

Our problems have not been as a result of a lack of resources; we have those in abundance.

Our problems have persisted as a result of failure to unite and fight for a common cause as a people.

Vasinamabvi will always dislike those who strive for their identity and independence.

It is the duty of every Zimbabwean to appreciate and value what the country has.

True ownership of resources is rooted in knowledge of that which is owned.

Always, we have had challenges and always, we faced them head on.

We have never cowered or retreated but emerged victorious despite the odds being stacked against us.

Many of us never saw the squalor, the deprivation and sub-human conditions of Rhodesia.

There was, and will never be, anything beautiful about that dreadful era.

Blinded by the love of money, gripped by the spirit of selling-out for individual benefit, some have forgotten the significance and agenda of the liberation struggle.

We will remind them.

Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans neupfumi hwayo hwose.


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