Politics of confusion…of Team Pachedu and Mmusi Maimane


PLAYING politics, sabotaging the economy and manipulating technology and just being confused are some of the terms that best describe social media activists like Team Pachedu, one Mmusi Maimane and their ilk.

Team Pachedu was at it again, attempting to mobilise  people to stay away from work.

All this is part of ongoing efforts to frustrate Government efforts to turn around fortunes of the country.

 “Zimbabweans, stay home. There is no school tomorrow, keep your kids safe at home. If you travel to work or school, you may not be able to get back home conveniently and safely. #ShutDownZimbabwe,” said Team Pachedu on twitter:

The call, which  set the agenda for the failed violence and anarchy, was even queried by those who would have rallied behind them like former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo who described the ‘call’ as being a mere instruction. 

 “We are patriotic Zimbabwean citizens who strive to promulgate the culture of transparency, responsibility and accountability without any fear or favour,” claims Team Pachedu.

In reality Team Pachedu is just one of the conduits used by the West to finance opposition politics in continued efforts to effect regime change.

The organisation has accused ZANU PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission  of rigging in the by-elections but has not produced any evidence to back the claims.

Fact is that Team Pachedu is a shadowy troll on twitter, manned by some faceless characters working with the likes of Nelson Chamisa and his CCC to do the bidding of the US and Britain.

And when all is said and done, whether it’s being cheap, confused or insane, Mmusi Maimanne throws himself behind this misdirected agency.

Tweets Mmusi Maimane on May 10:

“I am hearing that yesterday was a successful event. Congratulations to my friend. @Nelson Chamisa on the incontrovertible turnout. As a SADC region we must make sure that the election in 2023 is free, fair, and not stolen and that democracy is respected.”  

Which camp is really represented by Mmusi Maimane.

In South Africa, Maimane served as a dummy-leader in a white-dominated party — described by one of his own as a failed project. 

There, he helped the Democratic Alliance Party maintain a black face for acceptability as a party in a country that grapples with ugly post-apartheid race problems. 

Maimane was spat out once that job was accomplished and  no longer useful in that party.

Maimane ‘resigned’ from being the leader of the South African Democratic Alliance on Wednesday, October 23 2019 after a relatively short time in charge.

He finds a home in the company of Zimbabwean opposition parties where ideological bankruptcy is the guiding principle.

He failed to join hands with fellow South Africans still suffering from the vestiges of apartheid.

The agenda of Maimane was not to heal the wounds, to restore the dignity of the African or to bridge the economic gap between the whites and the black South Africans but help entrench white dominance.

Obviously Maimane is not the  type to celebrate positive developments in any African country promoting black empowerment.

Unfortunately the opposition in Africa has been schooled in rabid irrational criticism. 

And their activism is always bent on causing alarm and despondency.

These malcontents have a murky vision, clouded and hindered sense of direction and not fit to function in polity; cannot think from the standpoint of the masses or be connected to the consistency principle of development.

Pachedu, Maimane and all Western-funded activists cast an ugly shadow on African politics.


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