A case of naked hypocrisy


THE emergence of of another American ‘think tank’ christened The Zimbabwe Working Group, apparently devoted mainly to convince the world that  our country is in a ‘crisis’ which needs urgent attention, has come as no big surprise.

The United States has a notorious history of meddling in the affairs of other sovereign states and Zimbabwe is no exception.

And this they do in a cunning way.

They are experts at creating fictitious scenarios and then leave it to the gullible to lend them a helping hand.

Their gripe with Zimbabwe is over the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme, which sought to redistribute land, which had been racially divided by the colonial regime.

Ever since, the US has gone out the whole hog to fix the ZANU PF Government, for shattering their colonial dream.

A close scrutiny of the so-called Zimbabwe Working Group will show that this is a conglomeration of people, who are bitter for what they lost in Zimbabwe. Upcoming articles will expose their subjective anti-ZANU PF stance.

Mr Chester Crocker, one of the leading members of this group is well known for his sympathy with hardcore Rhodesians.

What else could be expected from a white American whose wife is a Rhodesian! That is why he supported the lifting of sanctions on chrome after Ian Smith had declared independence unilaterally (UDI) in 1965.

This is the same Crocker, who a few years later  spearheaded imposition of biting illegal sanctions against the ZANU PF Government.

And his intention was to see the economy ‘scream’ and people rise against ZANU PF.

Of course this is the typical thinking of Rhodesians and their sympathisers, who had been affected by the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme. 

As expected, their modus operandi is typical of American style.

They are already nudging neighbouring South Africa, as a member of the UN Security Council, AU and SADC, to take a leading role in condemning Zimbabwe as a country in deep crisis and with an appalling human rights record.

That is why we were very suspicious of some members of the recent ANC delegation, who looked overly excited to meddle in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe.

But then this self-styled American think-tank must realise SA has no colonial interests in Zimbabwe.

As a product of a revolutionary upbringing it can easily see through how trivial and vexatious the allegations of the  Zimbabwe Working Group are.

Above all, ZANU PF and ANC share a common ideology, which is anathematic to the aspirations of this American group.  

They might be expending their energies on an unlikely gullible target. 

The attempt by this group of Americans to meddle in other countries’ affairs is not anything new.

Billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Initiative is known for sponsoring NGOs, whose emphasis on human rights and good governance has Zimbabwe as one of its targets.

Workshops designed to promote regime change is another key feature of Soros’ drive in meddling in Zimbabwe’e internal affairs.

National Endowment for Democracy, a creature of the US government,is another organisation at the forefront of financing NGOs bent on advocating regime change in countries the US deems unfriendly.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition is among these NGOs determined to bring down the Zimbabwean Government on the basis of nebulous accusations of abuse of human rights.

Other organisations with deceptive names like US Institute for Peace, of which Crocker was once the board chair has nothing peaceful about it.

All of them are anti-ZANU PF, accusing the revolutionary party of fictitious crimes.

What baffles us, however, is that these American groups  spend millions trying to offer prescriptions on democracy, human rights, good governance, use of social media and leadership for sovereign countries other than the US.  

And yet because of the thriving racism in the US, all this is naked hypocrisy.


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