Are we still Zimbabwean?


ONE question that begs for Zimbabweans is: Who are we?

Where did we come from?

Where are we?

Where are we going and are we getting there?

These and other questions come to mind when one looks at Zimbabwe today.

Are we where we are supposed to be?

The answer to that is an emphatic no.

We are not there yet because we have become too deeply divided.

We have become a nation of people who resent each other.

A nation that lacks belief.

A people who lack confidence.

A people who wish ill on their country and its wellbeing.

We are now a people who see no future for their country.

A people who can no longer invest in their future and country.

We have morphed into distinct groupings driven by personal interest.

The national interest has long been forgotten.

We have completely forgotten that which brings us together.

We have a country founded on the basis of struggle and suffering.

Our roots are firmly steeped in the struggle for ownership and control of our resources.

Our past, present and future are anchored on charting our destiny.

The Covid 19 (Coronavirus) has brought a new dimension to our politics.

It has brought a new thinking to social cohesion, if at all it is still there.

It has further exposed the divisions in our country.

On the one hand is a grouping that says the disease should not affect us.

That is a group that is on the moral side of things.

It is a group that has the country at heart.

A group that believes in this country.

This is a group that would put their lives on the line for Zimbabwe.

This is a group that resents all forms of aggression against the country.

A group that is vehemently opposed to neo-colonialism.

A group that is against sanctions.

A group that is against corruption.

And a group that can take the country forward.

On the other hand is a grouping that is drooling over the prospect of a coronavirus-infested Zimbabwe.

They have been clamouring for the dreadful disease to come to our doorsteps.

They have been itching for that disease to wipe us all.

They want the disease to consume us all.

Their reasoning is appalling.

Coronavirus will prove Government’s alleged incompetence.

It will prove that this Government is, in their logic, a failure.

It will prove that the ruling Party does not care about the people.

We will not probe further that line of thinking.

It is as clear as daylight.

It is as a result of decades of colonialism.

It is premised on the fallacy that outside forces can change leadership here.

We wait to see if that will ever happen.

We wait for the moment that they are waiting for.

But this country, or any other for that matter, is driven by unity.

We have seen those countries that have been affected by coronavirus uniting.

We have not heard or seen anyone wishing ill of those affected.

We have not seen any sensible persons clamouring for the disease to affect their brothers and sisters.

This is a global catastrophe.

It should unite people of this world, not divide them as we are witnessing here.

May the seed of love and unity grow in our hearts and minds.


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