‘Harare water too dirty’


EDITOR – I WRITE to you as disappointed Harare resident over the dirty water trickling out of our taps.
I have deliberately used the word ‘trickling’ because that is what we are being subjected to everyday.
There is hardly any water and when ‘available’; it will be so dirty.
Harare City Council is giving us a raw deal.
We are not getting any water, but raw sewage flows in the streets.
Service delivery seems to be a term that does not exist in the Harare City Council vocabulary.
The situation in Harare is becoming desperately untenable.
We are spending many days without water.
When it is ‘available’, it is dirty and unsafe yet the Harare City Council is taking no action to deal with the situation.
We face the risk of contracting diseases like typhoid and cholera.
This is despite promises by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Dr John Mangudya to avail funding for the procurement of water treatment chemicals.
Why are we not getting an explanation from the city council on what is really happening?
Editor, we are sitting on a time bomb and the impending situation will be difficult to contain if remedial action is not taken on time.
This is a passionate plea to the city council; please save us. Access to clean and safe water is our basic right.

Warren Park


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