It was there for all to see


BARELY two weeks after murdering an innocent police officer on duty, MDC activists decided to prove ZANU PF correct in its assessment that the MDC is a barbaric and violent party which cannot be trusted with political power. In front of SADC Heads of State and Government, the East Afican Community (EAC), and COMESA who were meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, over the last weekend, they engaged in vicious fist fights that left the summit dumbfounded as they had never witnessed such senseless violence in their lives. Because the violence also included members of the so-called civil society organisations led by Mavhunga’s Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CZC), the regional heads of state and government also confirmed what ZANU PF has always been saying that there is no difference between the MDC and Zimbabwe’s civil society. They are one and the same thing. The presence of whites who travelled all the way from Europe to participate in the shameful display of violence also confirmed to the heads that ZANU PF is not exaggerating anything in its claim that the MDC is a Western-sponsored organisation trained to administer violence as a weapon of regime change. We are reminded of the year 2007 which Morgan Tsvangirai dubbed MDC’s “Year of Action” – a euphemism for “Year of Terror”. MDC youths trained to commit acts of violence were organised into terrorist cells called Democratic Resistance Committees (DRCs) which were unleashed to administer mayhem on innocent people in the name of “regime change”. In March 2007 alone, the MDC youths were credited with committing some of the most violent crimes listed below as can be confirmed by police records: 12 March: Petrol bombing of Zimbabwe Republic Police, Unit N Police Camp in Chitungwiza. 13 March: Petrol bombing of ZANU PF branch chairman’s house in Unit L, Chitungwiza. 13 March: A Zimbabwe National Army member and flea market vendors were assaulted by MDC youths. 13 March: Petrol bombing of Nehanda Police Post in Mkoba, Gweru. 14 March: Four MDC youths petrol-bombed a police officer’s house at Marimba Park Police Station seriously injuring three female officers. 18 March: Petrolbombing of House Number 11 Zanuyatonga Street, Chitungwiza, on wrong intelligence that it belonged to a ZANU PF councillor of the area. 19 March: A crossborder Toyota Coaster (AAZ 3976) ferrying shoppers from Botswana was stoned and burnt down at Kuwadzana roundabout along Bulawayo Road. 23 March: A Harare- Bulawayo-bound passenger train with 750 passengers on board was petrol-bombed by MDC youths near Mhuriimwe Secondary School in Mufakose, Harare, injuring four passengers. One injured pregnant woman miscarried after the attack. 23 March: Petrolbombing of Chisamba Police Station in Sakubva, Mutare. 23 March: House Number 2002 Gwinyai Street, St Mary’s, was petrol- bombed. The house belonged to a ZANU PF district treasurer. 24 March: Muchada Supermarket and Pfukwa Night Club in Warren Park D were petrolbombed. The owner is a well-known ZANU PF member. 27 March: Petrolbombing of ZANU PF’s Joshua Nkomo office in Mbare, Harare, by five MDC youths destroying all the furniture in the process. 29 March: House Number 6847 Western Triangle, Highfield, was petrol-bombed believing it belonged to a ZNA member when it didn’t. 29 March: MDC youths unsuccessfully attempted to burn down a Zambian-registered fuel tanker near Sanhanga Shopping Centre in Mutare. 30 March: Petrolbombing of Gumba’s Wholesalers on Leopold Takawira Street, Harare. 30 March: A Mazda B2500 pick-up (647- 515V) belonging to a ZANU PF supporter was petrol-bombed at Current Shopping Centre in Budiriro 5. 3 April: ZINASU vandals petrol-bombed UZ Complexes One and Four dining halls shattering all windows. The roofs collapsed following the attack. Pursuant to the foregoing series of terrorist acts, the police raided Harvest House, the MDC headquarters and recovered the following weapons of war and other items of interest to the police: 2000 sharp and piercing objects used in making incendiary bombs; 2 SW radios; 43 Zimbabwe passports with RSA visa application forms; 8 loud hailers; 104 spray guns; propaganda video and audio cassettes. Piniel Denga, the coordinator of the DRCs was raided at Flat Number 34 Alderbury Court in Harare and the police recovered 23 detonators; 53 10cm explosives; 112x400g cans of red spray paint. Freedom House, the American government’s psychological warfare unit, which has been training the MDC to play the innocent victim of ZANU PF, must be very disappointed with the MDC’s latest display of violence in South Africa – the very country that the Americans are dying to turn into allies of the MDC. The American government’s frustration with the MDC’s blundering is summarised by one of Christopher Dell’s WikiLeaks cables in which he laments: “Zimbabwe’s opposition is far from ideal and I leave convinced that had we had different partners we could have achieved more already… Tsvangirai is also a flawed figure… indecisive and with questionable judgment…” Obviously, what frustrates the United States excites Zimbabwean patriots. It is the United States’ Freedom House which trained the MDC to be a violent party and it is that violence which will be the MDCs undoing


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