Let us produce wheat to avert costly imports

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EDITOR — I WOULD like to commend Government for rolling out the Command Wheat Programme which is set to revive the wheat sector.
For the past seasons, farmers have been faced with a host of challenges that resulted in the country failing to meet its annual requirements.
This year, I understand the country is expecting a yield of
268 000 tonnes which falls short of the required 460 000 tonnes.
All these efforts to improve yields are as a result of the noble programmes to assist farmers that are being put in place by Government.
I noted that Government has set aside more than US$50 million to import the deficit.
This is also a good gesture that will ensure the country’s annual requirements are met.
However, I would like to challenge farmers to work together with Government to ensure that the country meets its requirements so that there would be no need to import.
Millions being channelled towards wheat imports can be reduced significantly if we become self-sufficient.
Local farmers should fully utilise the dams and irrigation facilities we have in the country.
If Command Agriculture ensured the country does not waste the much needed foreign currency importing maize, I am sure the same can be done with wheat.

Tendai Majuru,


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