Let us rebuild our Zimbabwe together


THE year 2018 was historic to this country for many reasons.

It was significant in many ways too.

It was a year where Zimbabweans elected a new leadership. A year where a new development trajectory was set.

Yet so much needs to be done.

There are so many realities that are confronting us.

For instance, we are still a deeply divided nation.

Everything in this country is seen through political lenses.

Everything in this country is determined from a political point of view.

Everything in this country is preceded by politics.

But is this the Zimbabwe we want?

Is this the Zimbabwe we deserve?

The answer to those compelling questions is a resounding no!

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s dispensation has, time and again, implored us to give prominence to economics over politics.

He has demonstrated that economic priority is key to unity.

He has shown that economics is the path to development.

He has proved that economics over politics brings peace to the country.

Still, that message continues to elude some in our midst.

That message is not gaining traction in the hearts and minds of those who resent unity, peace and development.

The message of peace, unity and development obviously destroys the political ambitions of those whose politics is sustained by hate and divisions.

To them, divisions create political currency to their faltering careers. Divisions make them relevant.

They do not want peace in the country. They do not want a functioning economy because it annihilates their divisive agenda.

So how do we move on from that?

How do we incorporate them into the prevailing agenda?

How do we make them part of our development thrust?

How do we make them part of the new Zimbabwe?

We have to go back to an issue that we have talked about in the past.

We have to revisit our curriculum so that we produce children who understand what it means to be Zimbabwean.

We have to introduce, at tertiary institutions, programmes that imbue our students with ideals of patriotism. We have to produce students who embrace and appreciate Zimbabwe.

We will discuss these issues at length in the coming year.

And this is a year in which we must not only preach the message of unity but give prominence to economic development.

In the meantime, we celebrate our achievements no matter how small.

We have to take stock of everything that we have done in the year gone by and consolidate our gains.

Where we have failed, we need to refocus.

Where we have succeeded we need to multiply the success.

There is so much to do in the country.

Our roads need urgent attention.

We have lost so many lives this year and we have to protect innocent lives.

We have done well in the agricultural sector.

We have to maintain that trajectory.

We have done well in mining and again we have to consolidate on those gains.

Our economy needs to be attended to.

We have to be vigilant.

Most significantly, we have to pay homage to our land for it is from this asset that we get life.

Let us enjoy the festive season armed with the knowledge that we have a country to develop.

And let us exercise caution on our roads and see each other again in 2019.


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