PM in undiplomatic behaviour


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was last week left with egg on his face at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of State and Government Summit that was held in Sandton after he tried to coerce regional leaders to do as he wished in a move described by diplomats as a serious breach of diplomatic etiquette. According to the diplomats, Tsvangirai was supposed to leave for Dubai soon after the SADC Summit which started late on Saturday, but the meeting took longer because of the serious disputes on the Madagascar issue, resulting in the shelving of discussions on Zimbabwe to the following day. However, Tsvangirai, who was eager to leave for Dubai, would have none of it as he reportedly tried to push SADC leaders who were about to go to a State banquet arranged by South African President Jacob Zuma to discuss Zimbabwe despite adjustments to the programme. SADC Secretary-General Tomaz Salomão told him that his demands could not be met because the adjustments to the programme had been done in consultation with the regional leaders who all had agreed to the changes. But Tsvangirai was adamant, resulting in Salomão brushing him aside. He angrily asked him why he wanted to bulldoze heads of state and government to dance to his tune. “Tsvangirai was a bit erratic on this one and he found his match because SADC leaders simply did not want to be tossed around by anybody,” said a diplomatic source at the summit. “It was quite a scene, the Secretary-General telling Tsvangirai to be respectful of the leaders and to be more diplomatic because Salomão had been disappointed by Tsvangirai’s childish antics. “Everyone was shocked by Tsvangirai’s actions and Salomão was left with no option but to openly ask him what it is that was so special about his Dubai trip and he was told to go as he wished, and the man was stunned I tell you.” Another diplomatic source said Tsvangirai should learn to drop his arrogance if he is to find a place in the hearts of African leaders. In 2008 Tsvangirai snubbed a plane that had been sent to collect him from Harare by King Mswati of Swaziland. The diplomat said Tsvangirai had angered SADC leaders because his insistence on the Zimbabwe issue being discussed on Saturday when everyone was in agreement that this was no longer possible. “Let us get one thing straight here, Tsvangirai is a huge disappointment, he thinks that since he has so many white friends he can do whatever he wants with us, that’s not possible and on Saturday we gave him a taste of his own medicine,” said the diplomat. “We gave him a rude awakening and everyone, including those who support him were stunned by his childish antics. “He is one person who needs to learn more on diplomacy and how to respect leaders.


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