Sanctions: Moaning alone not enough


SADC’s declaration of October 25 as a day to show solidarity against the illegal and punitive sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US and its European allies had a number of crucial positives.

To begin with, the belief that smaller nations are afraid to be seen to be opposing the US was effectively demystified.

SADC, as a regional body of Third World nations, was bold enough to demonstrate to the US and its allies that illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe had to go.

A hysterical reaction by Uncle Sam was to be expected.

Surely what else could have been the reason for suddenly placing State Security Minister Owen Ncube on US personal sanctions? 

Solidarity messages and the general enthusiasm in other SADC countries that greeted this day must have rubbed salt into the anguish of the Americans.

But the US could not watch all this with folded arms.

The US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols, quickly rolled up his shirt sleeves and got into action.

He started by churning out that tired story of sanctions being targeted.

This failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the anti-sanctions drive.

However, that Ambassador Nichols was prepared to throw away his diplomatic jacket and play an active role in responding to the October 25 message means a lot.

The fact that the US responded, in whatever way, dismisses the notion by some malcontents that the solidarity day was a non-event.

The role played by Ambassador Nichols also clearly demonstrated that the US has no intention of dropping sanctions any time soon.

Though we are unreservedly opposed to corruption, Ambassador Nichols must also accept the blame for this scourge is an offshoot of the illegal sanctions.

They will never do that.

After all, the regime change drivers, who are also the imposers of these illegal sanctions, know that they have their surrogates in the form of black Zimbabweans.

This is meant to camouflage their evil intentions.

Enter MDC Alliance!

What was curious about the anti-sanctions fever that gripped the region last week was the deafening silence by the MDC Alliance.

This is supposedly a Zimbabwean African political party whose supporters are also victims of the illegal sanctions.

No doubt they were quietly rubbing their hands in glee as the Americans and the EU were doing the donkey work for them.

Silence would leave them unscathed both by their supporters and handlers, so they thought!

However, the revelations at the National Sports Stadium on October 25, opened a new chapter in the fight against our illegal sanctions.

At least people heard the truth about the negative effects of the illegal sanctions on the nation as a whole. Testimonies given by people showed how different sectors are adversely affected by sanctions.

Women, businesspeople, students, academics, children, artistes and the physically disabled, among others, all gave chilling accounts about how sanctions had directly affected them.

The picture of how sanctions are adversely affecting ordinary people in health, education, employment and other essential aspects of life was laid bare.

There should be no relenting in exposing the spectre of illegal sanctions for what they are – an evil instrument meant to punish ordinary people.

But as President Mnangagwa once said, moaning alone is not enough to fight sanctions. 

There is, therefore, need to come up with our own home-grown solutions to circumvent the sanctions. 

Cuba did it:Why can’t we!


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