Staying away an unwanted luxury


THE phenomenon of ‘staying away’ is a luxury once enjoyed, but one we can no longer afford.
It worked in the old economy, but it will not work now, in the new economy, because it is self-destructive.
Whites and others who owned the means of production, having owned them for at least 100 years could afford to pay workers while no actual production took place.
But now we own the means of production and since we have barely begun to be productive ‘staying away’ will only hurt us.
No woman or man, in his or her right sense of mind, will ‘stay away’ from his or her home because there are problems.
We do not allow our homes to crumble because there are problems, we solve them.
We never leave the task of seeking solutions to problems that affect us in our homes to others.
Hatirasi mbereko nekufirwa.
Calls being made to ‘stay away’ are reckless; they are no different from the ostrich that hides its head in the sand as danger approaches.
This is our economy; it is our duty to make it work.
There is need for a paradigm shift, a change in the way we have operated, a change of the ‘software’ in our heads.
We are no longer mere employees, but owners of the means of production and we must begin to think as such.
Ownership comes with responsibilities, we must never forget.
We suffer no illusions and will be the first to concede that the process we are embarked on will be fraught with hardships.
The success and riches we all desire will not come easy; some of us might never get to enjoy them.
Our lot is hard and bone-breaking work.
But we are not unfortunate or cursed, this is the part and verse given us to act as the play of our nation unfolds.
The people of our time are being called to play the role of creator and innovator.
So do we exit the stage because we are unhappy with how we have been cast?
Many want to make us feel that this is unfair, that this is unjust, that this is oppression.
What is unfair about being called to work?
What is unjust about being asked to own and exploit our resources?
How is being ordered to take possession of what is ours oppression?
How do we live the good life if we do not create it?
We laugh, we scorn, we insult, we spit, we celebrate, we are confident, we are skilled and we are free to be and do all we are doing because of generations that did not refuse to play the role given them.
Generations that took to heart parts and verses given them and exited the stage painfully but with the satisfaction that their playing had made our fortunes better.
They delivered a flawless act, today we bask in freedom and all it brings and affords us.
Future generations must bask in glory and enjoy, glory which they can enjoy because we would not have faltered or shirked from playing our role.
Many are ready to build and establish that which has never been dreamed of.
All we demand is that government be very, very sincere in supporting our efforts.
All we demand is that we do not be frustrated by bureaucracy in our various activities to uplift the lot of the country.
All we demand is that the leadership in Government be alert and do away, without qualms, forces that impede the son and daughter of soil who is efficiently playing his/her role.
We demand that there be applauding and unmitigated support for everyone who is taking seriously his/her part.


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