The big bold lie by Ambassador Bronnert: Part Two


PART one explained whyAmbassador Deborah Bronnert, confronted by the imminent collapse of the British sponsored MDC-T project soon after the July 31 general elections, decided to cook up a big bold lie that 10 000 of 17 000 people in one constituency had been assisted to vote thereby prejudicing the integrity and credibility of the election outcome itself.

And this big lie announced on Sky News on August 4 2013 was cited as illustrating how ZANU PF had blatantly stolen the election!
Several weeks after making up this shameful lie, Bronnert has not been able to substantiate it in any way because she generated it in her creative mind and projected it to the whole world without material evidence to back it up.
She has also not bothered to apologise to most Zimbabweans, who voted in good faith and are extremely happy with the election outcome!
Why not apologise when it is clear that she lied?
Because to do so would undermine a lie considered by all Anglo-Saxon tribes and their allies as good enough to justify the continuation of economic sanctions against Zimbabwe!
Her silence is typical of the British, who have never bothered to apologise for their numerous dark deeds all over Africa.
While it is not Africa’s business to persuade incorrigible liars such as the Bronnerts of this world to abandon their wicked ways and to abide by the truth, there are a number of lessons here to which Africans should pay serious attention.
Africa’s engagement with the West starting from the time of slavery to the present has been based on shameful lies all designed to exploit Africans and their resources.
For instance, when British slave traders descended upon West Africa in the 15th century to capture blacks and sell them into slavery, they justified it by saying that God himself approved slavery since enslaved blacks would be transformed into good Christians!
When the same British decided to colonise Africa in the 19th Century, again they justified it by saying that colonisation would civilise a dark continent peopled by savages.
All this was said to justify genocidal wars of conquest which decimated populations in Africa!
It is said that the devil shamelessly cites scriptures for his purposes.
We recall how the same incorrigible British compelled Lobengula to sign the infamous Rudd Concession, which practically handed over the whole of Zimbabwe to the British in return for 500 rifles and a gunboat for patrolling the Zambezi River!
The poor fellow realised he had been cheated by the British and tried hard to disown the fraudulent treaty, but by that time it was too late!
Lying has been an integral part of official British policy.
Just recently the British have been on a 14-year crusade to persuade the whole world that the Zimbabwe Government is guilty of gross human rights abuses and therefore should be punished by the imposition economic sanctions!
Up to this day, all Anglo-Saxon tribes, including far away Australians and New Zealanders, believe such lies when in fact the truth is that the British are blatantly lying about human rights abuses in order to punish Zimbabwe for daring to take back its land previously stolen by 4 000 of its kith and kin!
In brief, lying for purposes of economically exploiting other races, especially Africans, has been part and parcel of the British DNA and Bronnert is no exception.
The second lesson which all of us should learn quickly is that African views and opinions do not matter at all to the rest of the West.
A good example is the fact that the Anglo-Saxon West decided to ignore positions taken by SADC, COMESA and the AU—all continental bodies which unanimously agreed that Zimbabwe’s recent elections were free, fair and credible.
As far as the West is concerned the big bold lie by Ambassador Bronnert concerning our elections is far more credible than that of the rest of the African continent put together!
Why, one may ask?
Well, at play here is the same old racism against blacks which is being relied upon to justify the continued exploitation of Africa and its resources.
The question then is: if the Anglo-Saxon West does not take the rest of Africa seriously, why should Africans continue to pay serious attention to anything the West says, especially on issues which pertain to the future of our continent?
And this question leads us to the third lesson which Africans should learn the hard way, that is, might is not always right.
Because we perceive the West as militarily strong we tend to believe less in ourselves and more in the directives and policies issued to us by our Western enemies—this is the logic which lured the MDC formations to believe blindly in the British and they have since paid dearly for such foolishness.
By the same token, Bronnert can afford to lie in a big way about Zimbabwe’s elections because she believes she has the might of the whole British establishment to back her up!
Again one sees here the same arrogance which inspired George Bush and Tony Blair to lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
After more than a decade of fighting the Iraqis both the British and the Americans have been chastened enough to want to leave Iraq alone-not withstanding all the technological superiority at their disposal!
The Afghanis too with all their poverty and alleged backwardness are busy teaching the same mighty nations another harsh military lesson!
There are always limits to which a people can be bullied by the so- called mighty nations of this world!
Coming back to Bronnert and her big lie about Zimbabwe’s elections—is the accomplished liar from London going back to her usual itinerary of teaching natives of Africa the virtues of democracy, human rights, democracy and good governance?
If so, we all look forward to attending all her sermons so that we can look her in the face all the time and reassure ourselves that she will not be lying this time around!


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