Time is not on our side


THE dramatic and eventful year is winding down albeit on a slow note, but we take heart from the saying zviuya zviri mberi.
Every arrival marks the beginning of a new journey.
This is a journey that we look forward to as we embrace the year.
The year 2013 has been a year to remember in many ways.
The hype, drama and sobering realities we encountered throughout the year are finally coming to a close as the tempo that characterised events at the beginning draws down to nation building.
We take a moment to pause and reflect on the comrades, family and friends we have lost along the way.
We cherish the moments we enjoyed as a nation.
We vividly remember the joys of new birth that was delivered on July 31 2013.
Our journey to the Promised Land was marked by the July elections and confirmed and capped at the colourful 14th ZANU PF Annual National People’s Conference in the historic town of Chinhoyi last week.
“Iwe neni tine basa/Wena lami silomsebenzi” was the message in Chinhoyi.
Indeed we need to unite and work for the development of our beloved Zimbabwe.
Bickering and alleged disagreements will threaten the revolution that was reborn on July 31.
Time is not on our side.
What we have before us is a nation desperately seeking answers to the economic challenges that have revisited the country in the past few months.
While December 31 marks the end of the 2013 calendar, we are soberly reminded that zviuya zviri mberi.
The recent ZANU PF conference was an opportunity for the revolutionary party to lay the development agenda for an expectant nation.
As per tradition the leadership conformed to its mandate of delivering to the majority.
Clear cut resolutions regarding the economy were made and all that is left for the party is to deliver.
The Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset), Government’s new economic blueprint which inherited the ZANU PF election manifesto set the platform for what should be an unprecedented economic boon for the country.
It formed the basis for deliberations at the conference.
It formed the resolutions made at the historic Chinhoyi conference.
At the conference it was realised that two important sectors drive the economy that is the workers and our mineral resources.
In the new Zim Asset dispensation that we are arriving at, it is important to recognise and appreciate the role of the workers.
Zimbabwe having been at the mercy of vultures from the Western part of our world who have subjected us to an economy that sends workers home with no hope of returning to work the next day.
We have at our disposal an economy that exports jobs through our failure to process our raw materials.
Our leaders have said no to this.
Zim Asset has created barriers for this uneven scenario.
It tells us that our destiny is in our hands.
We must be owners of our resources.
We must exploit them without interference.
This is the message that we got in Chinhoyi.
We carry that message to 2014.
Kure kwegava ndiko kusina mutsvubvu.


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