Time to deliver victory


ZANU PF has completed its pre-electoral processes.
On Friday, last week, the Party launched its manifesto and election campaign.
There are many interesting aspects in that manifesto.
We shall be unpacking them in the coming weeks.
But one interesting issue emanating from that manifesto is its clarion call for Zimbabweans to unite.
This is crucial in that it paves way for a free election where everyone freely expresses his/her will without intimidation or undue influence.
It also creates an environment for investors to pour in their money.
Added to that is the fact that it brings all Zimbabweans to work together and develop their country as one people.
A divided nation will never achieve success.
It will fall.
In the same vein, there are many lessons we learn from ZANU PF’s preparedness for the forthcoming elections.
First is that the party has gone through a process of regeneration.
It has infused new blood with tried and tested cadres whose experience will be critical to those elections.
This is indeed a formidable force ready for its opponents.
It is a strong line-up made up of solid, sound and experienced people.
Crucially, the so-called ‘greenhorns’ bring in the much needed expertise to deliver what should be a resounding victory for the party.
Second is the neutralisation of the so-called generational consensus debate that others have been riding on.
It is a balanced mix of the young and those wisened by time.
Generational blending, which ZANU PF has introduced, is indicative of how the party values youths in the country.
Third, these elections must be about ideas.
Indeed voters must be lured by attractive, realistic and sensible policies.
Voters must be attracted by tangibles, not high sounding messages that do not resonate with their plight.
A perusal of the ZANU PF 2018 Election Manifesto shows that voters and, indeed, the generality of the Zimbabwean populace are in for good times.
There is the Zimbabwean narrative.
There is the economic benefit to the voter.
There is peace and security fundamental to every Zimbabwean.
And finally, there is the future of more and plenty to the majority.
Already President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has shown that he is able to take the country out of the economic doldrums and steer it to unprecedented growth.
In just five months, he has stabilised what was before November 24 2018 a runaway economy that was making its way to the south.
He has brought confidence.
He has allayed the long-held fears of instability and policy inconsistences that were worryingly becoming common.
Investors have responded in kind to that gesture.
One can bet that after elections, there will be serious influx of investors coming to set base in the country.
Those with foresight have already started coming to the country.
More are on their way as Zimbabwe’s economic revival project takes shape.
In the final analysis, elections are an event that must never take away the steam from the momentum that has been generated thus far.
They will come and go but Zimbabwe will remain standing — as it has always done.


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