Time to transform our economy

A money changer holds wads of cash on the street in Harare.

EDITOR – AS things stand in our country going forward, those of confrontational and divisive politics should come on board for our collective efforts to pay dividends in positively transforming our country.
Grandstanding does not, and will not, feed our children.
This cannot earn us foreign currency and there is no production in making noise.
Now is the time for all Zimbabweans, within and beyond our borders to unite for the betterment of our country.
Now is the time to flush out all corrupt elements from our system. Now is the time to stop nepotism, because nepotism will never take us anywhere.
This whole business of ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ must be a thing of the past.
The so-called money-changers must be dealt with accordingly because they are killing our economy.
They must be thoroughly investigated, especially the source of the mint US dollar bills they display everyday on the streets!
Zimbabwe is our country!
Let us work for it by utilising the resources at our disposal like the abundant water in our dams for irrigation.
This is where the politics should be centred – revolving around production.

Richard Mahuhushe Chauke,


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