Understand methods of the enemy


EDITOR – CECIL John Rhode’s Pioneer Column came with the sole purpose of wrestling the land and all the riches between the Zambezi and Limpopo from its rightful indigenous owners.
Initially they succeeded, up to the time of the conclusion of the Second Chimurenga, when their grip on political power was rolled back.
The third phase of the Chimurenga has been to wrestle back control of the land from the descendants of the Pioneer columnists, which has been successfully done and now as Professor Pfukwa points out, we are in the fourth phase of our war of liberation, i.e., to gain total economic liberation.
To win this economic struggle as we surely must, we must study and understand the methods of the enemy and we must devise strategies to counter and pre-empt these, rather than wait until substantial damage has already been inflicted on us.
The original pioneers still have their fourth generation descendants among us, who are determinedly still driving the agenda of their fore-bearers and who wish for the quest for our economic emancipation to fail.
They will use all manner of subterfuge and quislings among us.
This we must guard against.

Chris Murove


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