United we forge ahead


ZIMBABWE must be protected and defended by every Zimbabwean.
We owe it not to just ourselves but future generations who will either hail or curse us.
Our rights come with responsibilities and obligations.
There are no bystanders when it comes to issues of nationhood.
There is no ‘them’ and ‘us’ — just all of us, children of the soil.
A common vision, value system must bind us.
Who am I, who are you not to step up to the plate?
Differences must not blind us to the bigger picture of a thriving Zimbabwe.
We are not opening, but have already opened, a new chapter in which every citizen has to be, and will always be, treated with the respect deserved.
We have opened a new a chapter in which every citizen is an active participant in the political, social and economic spheres of our country.
We stand on the cusp of unprecedented economic growth and development.
All now know that Zimbabwe is open for business.
We are about to unravel the potential that we have for long talked about.
Why should we take 20 steps back instead of going forward.
Why should we bash and destroy the gears when all that is required of us is to shift into the next gear forward.
Should we really cut our nose to spite the face!
Why should our efforts be derailed by a misguided few who are out to fulfil their selfish personal agendas?
We all have been presented with an opportunity to start afresh; driven and led by a leadership which is determined to ensure that the fortunes of the nation are transformed for the benefit of all.
We must close ranks and show the world we are one people, one nation and will co-exist harmoniously regardless of divergent views.
We cannot afford to waste time, the people have spoken.
It is time to create the systems of governance that will superintend all the projects that we kick-started.
The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) needs to be steered.
Our ailing firms eagerly await our attention.
The likes of ZISCOSteel, Mashava Mine, Cold Storage Company, Willowvale Motor Industries and David Whitehead need to be attended to in the short-term.
These are the drivers of the country’s economy and their resuscitation cannot be delayed.
Let us not shoot ourselves in the foot.
For those given the mandate to steer the ship, the clock is ticking.
Soon the people will judge you.
You have an obligation to deliver.
You are servants of the people.
Do not betray their faith in you.
Do not squander their trust in you.
Ours is a nation that has finally arrived, a nation that has been reborn and a nation headed for a brighter future.
Let us not allow any individual, any incident or any circumstance to destabilise our country.
Again I repeat, we should not be divided by any force — internal or external.


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