We must be patriots


EVERY now and again, events in the country take me back to an issue I have talked about in the past, the Grundnorm.

So much is happening amidst our efforts to revive our nation and transform our fortunes.

Naturally there are those who are not sleeping a wink to ensure we fail, we collapse so that their will and desire prevail.

Every nation, owing to its resources, has enemies and they never rest.

And it is sad when our people become willing accomplices in an effort to destroy that, which makes us a people.

Sacrifices have to be made, pain endured in the process of achieving our grand dreams.

The last parts of the year are filled with important historical dates.

It is a time we remember the Chimoio genocide, the Mavonde Battle, basically it was a time the Rhodesians went into overdrive to try and reverse the imminent independence and loss on the battlefield.

Why were we victorious?

Why did we achieve independence?

Why did the enemy fail to have its way with us?

It was because of the Grundnorm.  

The Grundnorm is the spirit that binds a nation together. 

It is the aggregate of values and norms that give the nation an identity. 

It is a spiritual beacon which can be partly defined by hunhu/ubuntu. 

And for us, the Grundnorm is enshrined in our national flag and all it symbolises. 

It lies in our ancestors and in our heroes who laid down their lives in defence of this nation. 

Who are we, what are we becoming, what are we turning into?

Do we remember, do we know, do we appreciate where we have come from?

It is not only sad but scary when everyone seems to be concerned about no one else but themselves.

We are in a time when we should all pull in one direction.

We must work together prioritising the interests of the nation.

None but ourselves can help ourselves.

This is how we have operated since time immemorial, bound by values that do not allow us to say, “ini, asi isu, thina hatshi mina.”

We have never embarked on activities that wilfully destroy our country, never.

From the First Chimurenga through the Second Chimurenga to the Third Chimurenga, where we repossessed our land, to indigenisation of the economy, we have all pulled in one direction.

However, I fear we have become detached from our spiritual beacon.

The onslaught against our country is relentless.

Again I will repeat, it is time we all come to the defence of the motherland.

Zimbabwe is bigger than all its political parties.

We must be patriots.

It is clear that all of us, in our individual capacities and with our different skills can contribute to the better country and livelihood.

Let us not use our skills to hold the nation to ransom.

Let us not sell ourselves short.

Let us not shoot our selves in the foot.

We have a beautiful nation, let us protect it.

Zimbabwe is our country, we do not have any other; it is all we have.


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