Western propaganda threat: Part One …as liberation movements are targeted


THE Zimbabwean Government is one of many victims of negative Western propaganda. 

Other victims include the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, China, North Korea and Russia.

With tough economic sanctions already imposed on Zimbabwe, negative propaganda is simply icing on a cake made for the demise of the Government.

There are a few reasons hurtful rhetoric is being targeted at the ruling Party in Zimbabwe. 

The first is that ZANU PF is a liberation movement which was involved in the gaining of Zimbabwe’s independence after a protracted war.

ZANU PF is one of the few political parties, along with FRELIMO of Mozambique and the PAIGC of Cape Verde which partook in full fledged wars against colonisation by Europeans.

Most other African countries got independence through non-militant means, particularly in the 1960s. 

Zimbabwe and SA, being places with abundant precious minerals, like gold and diamonds, were not regions the West was prepared to let go through granting the indigenous people of these lands independence.

For this reason, it took very long for Zimbabwe to finally gain independence in 1980 and South Africa its freedom day in 1994.

It is also the reason more whites are Africa in concentrated in Zimbabwe and SA, with relatively fewer whites in former European colonies like Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and Nigeria.

The liberation struggle, called Second Chimurenga, was the vehicle ZANU PF used in combination with democratic elections to win over the nation from settler-whites.

Had it not been for this, Zimbabwe would have never acquired true independence and, at most, we would have been granted a largely ceremonial type of independence akin to that of South Africa which bears no real changes as it pertains to wealth distribution according to race.

The West thus remains bitter about the lives, resources, prestige and colonial territory they lost to the war liberation. 

As long as the revolutionary ideals of this and other liberation movements like FRELIMO persist, the West will not rest. 

The second reason the Zimbabwean Government is a victim of negative Western propaganda is its involvement in the DRC war.

Rebels from Rwanda, who had assisted Laurent Kabila to assume power, turned against him after he refused to set them in positions of power in the DRC.

The West assassinated the first independent Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba for his revolutionary and black empowerment ideals. 

The West, particularly the US, French and Belgian governments facilitated for his succession by a puppet, namely Mobutu Sese Seko.

These same Western forces found an opportunity in the dispute between Kabila and the rebels because Kabila was an advocate and proponent of Lumumba.

They funded the rebels, supplying them with arms and intelligence, among others. 

The ruling Party of Zimbabwe decided to send its troops to the aid of their neighbour who had been isolated and ridiculed by Western propaganda which was reporting the war as a popular revolt against an unpopular government.

The year was 1997 and former President Robert Mugabe was still in power. 

These were the much feared revolutionary ideals and pan-African doctrines of liberation parties at play. 

A war that the West was certain it would prevail in after paralysing the Congolese nation was overturned by a formidable force from Zimbabwe which had not been foreseen by the West.

The rebels lost and the DRC became stable owing to the military assistance by Zimbabwe. 

This angered the West and brought about fears that other African nations may follow suit and selflessly aid their neighbours with troops when attacked by foreign forces.

Already, the West, particularly Britain and the US, were livid at Zimbabwe and were seeking ways to punish it so as to not encourage unity and resistance in former colonies in Africa and around the world.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the Fast-Track Land Reform Programme which followed in 1999 and saw the removal of whites from land they had grabbed from the ancestors of the indigenous black population.

The land was taken by Government and leased to blacks for periods renewable every 99 years.

It was the UK Labour Government under Tony Blair which first disrupted the ‘willing-buyer, willing-seller’ agreement that had been struck at the Lancaster House Conference leading to independence.

The UK Government was to supply money to the Zimbabwean Government in order to acquire, through purchase, white settler-land if the farmer in question was willing to sell.

The problem was that whites were not willing to sell the fertile land and after Zimbabwe’s involvement in the DRC war, the UK Government reneged on its end of the bargain as a form of punishment.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean war veterans were getting restless and impatient. 

They argued the liberation war and independence were pointless if the people had no land to show for it.

They forcefully occupied some white farms and after President Mugabe fruitlessly tried to get the West to comply with the written agreement, he set forth a programme to legalise the land re-occupations that were taking place and the ruling Party passed it through legislation.

Zimbabwe would become the first nation to forcefully remove white settlers from colonially grabbed lands. 

The fear of the West was letting Zimbabwe succeed economically, therefore leading other nations to follow suit.

They had, and still have, to make sure Zimbabwe does not flourish lest it becomes a role model for other African nations. 

The West is pushing for regime ouster of ZANU PF and other liberation movements in Africa and around the world.

It is this objective that fuels their propaganda machine. 

They are a destabilising force that seeks to create disunity, havoc and chaos among Zimbabweans to make the ruling party seem unpopular and ineffective.

If enough civil unrest takes place owing to economic sanctions like ZDERA, negative propaganda and Western-sponsored sabotage, the nation will collapse and the West, through governments of national unity, UN Peacekeeping missions or outright insurrection, can position their preferred puppet leaders in Government.

In 2009, former main opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai served as Prime Minister in a Zimbabwean Government of national unity deal though he never actually won electorally.

Likewise, the US participated in the setting up of a transitional government in Somalia after the situation  deteriorated to the extent of calling in UN peace-keepers. 

Finally, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated and his country taken over by Western-backed rebels owing to social media-induced regime change propaganda.

In international relations, powerful nations use sanctions, gunboat diplomacy and finally war to achieve their objectives.

Zimbabwe has faced the first two stages of coercion by the West, and the only reason war has not been declared on us is because the greater population of whites in Africa is concentrated in Zimbabwe and SA, along with their infrastructure.

Besides this, if our mines and other resources, which are of strategic importance to the West, are disturbed or destroyed during war, the damage might greatly affect their exploratory  prospective. 

So it is sanctioning and gunboat diplomacy which are being used to tear Zimbabwe apart; thus the high prevalence of negative propaganda from the West within the nation and abroad.


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