What is really going on?


EDITOR – I WROTE to you a couple of weeks ago about our now infamous prophets in Zimbabwe.
I keep bumping into people who are asking this one question, “What is going on!”
For instance, the things that are happening in the circles of the current ‘prophet-on-fire’, Walter Magaya, the founder of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries.
A couple of friends were talking about it this week.
In fact, it is the talk of town.
Apparently popular pole dancer Beverley is Magaya’s recent popular convert.
She is all over the news and I hear Magaya’s wife even took Bev shopping.
Bev has been removed from bars and will soon own a ‘business’ courtesy of Prophet Magaya.
Just like that, manna from heaven don’t you think?
Then we have our beloved Oscar Pambuka.
I hear he is Prophet Magaya’s spokesperson now.
One can only wonder how he got there.
I don’t know if his is just a duty at Magaya’s church or he has truly repented.
We will just have to wait and see.
Besides Pambuka, I understand popular Sungura icon Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria is also going to Prophet Magaya’s church.
Other popular figures spotted at Magaya’s church include, Douglas Chimbetu, Macheso’s wife,
Nyaradzai, Lawrence ‘Bhonzo’ Simbarashe and Jesesi Mungoshi among others.
Whatever it is that is drawing people to this church in Waterfalls must be something big as the church itself because it is literally big.
In fact, it is far much bigger than Prophet Makandiwa’s in Chitungwiza.
As it is, there is a rumour that many people are leaving Prophet Makandiwa’s United Family International Church (UFIC) for Magaya’s PHD Ministries.
So many people are asking: “What is really going on?”



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