You are not welcome back Freeth!


WHILE Ben Freeth’s account after a visit to his former farm is pregnant with undertones of racism, some of his ‘unscientific’ conclusions display outright ignorance.
Credibility of his account is immediately compromised when he attributes the death of his sister-in-law to a ‘virulent strain of malaria’ brought by war veterans.
Yet elementary knowledge tells us that malaria is spread by mosquitoes.
The former white Rhodesian farmer is so much blinded by racism that he believes black war veterans are a ‘poisonous species’.
And this is a farmer who is dying to once more settle in a Zimbabwe, which ironically is being ruled by war veterans.
He also displays his abysmal ignorance of the land situation in a country he wants to be accommodated in.
The war veterans he is so enthusiastic to denigrate, went to war, many of them perishing in the struggle, in order to reclaim the land they had been robbed of by white settlers.
Among them was Ben Freeth.
Indeed many more veterans had sacrificed their lives during the First Chimurenga of the mid-1890s.
Thus by the time President Robert Mugabe was born in 1924, the struggle to reclaim our land from white settlers was already in full swing.
So Mr Freeth, the land reclamation struggle is not a Mugabe project.
It’s no good entertaining yourself with your mad man’s devilish wish to see President Mugabe dead so that you get your farm back.
You won’t.
Land reclamation is a revolutionary process and a people’s historical fulfilment.
It will never be reversed, with or without President Mugabe.
Mr Freeth, using his accomplice, The Telegraph reporter Martin Fletcher, tries his best to paint a grim picture of black-ruled Zimbabwe.
President Mugabe together with war veterans are presented as people who do not value the lives of whites.
No wonder in his account Freeth has no kind recollections of freedom fighters about whom he has exhausted the dictionary to find derogatory names for.
These include thugs, mobsters, thieves, drunkards and terrorists.
And yet to us, they are our heroes,
This should not be surprising for these are the people Freeth feels were responsible for denying him and his ilk the ‘divine’ right to own all fertile land in Zimbabwe.
Blacks were supposed to be confined to the arid regions.
At least Freeth was able to show Fletcher his wedding site and the grave where his sister-in-law is buried.
This is different from Africans who were forcibly removed from their homes after racist legislation by settlers.
Most have graves of their loved ones and houses from where they paid their lobola ploughed or washed away.
It is unfortunate that the history of Africans, including the racist treatment they endured, is not documented.
And yet Freeth is not ashamed to present a picture of an able white farmer who is being persecuted because of his colour.
His attempt to induce sympathy has no takers.
Blacks took their land from whites, not as punishment but because it was theirs in the first place.
We didn’t get our land back to imitate them.
What we are doing on the land we have retrieved is none of their business.
Freeth boasts he can produce 60 times more on the same piece of land than blacks.
But we know that farms owned by whites did not flourish overnight despite massive financial backing by the colonial Government.
Let Freeth come back with Fletcher at harvest time and let’s hear what they are going to say about our Command Agriculture project.
Mr Freeth you are gone and this should be for ever and a day.
Your hope in the resurrection of another SADC Tribunal is misplaced.
Donor-funded Tribunals have no jurisdiction over matters of a sovereign state.


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