Zimbabwe belongs in the global village


IT has been long since Zimbabwe captured global attention the way it did this week.
Davos was the place.
President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his delegation were, naturally, the centre of attraction.
For too long, Zimbabwe has been the world’s untapped success story.
Despite having become some sort of a pariah state, we still were a potential waiting to be tapped.
A potential waiting to burst forth.
And in Davos we did that in style.
Everyone wanted to be with team Zimbabwe.
Everyone wanted to be associated with Harare.
There are many reasons for that.
Our story has been that of potential.
And this potential has the whole world excited.
Until the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week, all our potential had just been mere talk, with no meaningful interventions to translate it into tangibles.
The many businesspeople, political and other global leaders who flocked to meet President Mnangagwa are a testament to what we could become in the not too distant future, a member of the movers and shakers of the world.
“I had businesses, banks and other institutions lining up to see me,’ said President Mnangagwa.
“I am unable to fulfil some of the requests for meetings. So many leaders I have met who have promised to send representatives to Zimbabwe and are interested to invest.
“But there are two categories; some are saying they will wait for elections. It’s understandable because of the past events and the perception about Zimbabwe, some people would like to ‘wait and see’.
But the majority, however, are keen to find a niche and eager to invest in Zimbabwe.”
What is most important, what I have been constantly saying for some time now, is that we must also play our part, each and every one of us.
The President is leading at the front, a perfect example of what is required of us has been set.
It is time we craft that long-term vision for the country.
A 30-year, a 50-year vision.
A matrix pointing to who we will be in the next 100 years.
Today we lay the foundations that will see our nation a superpower.
It is imperative that we have a vision that will forever guide us.
Let every child, every boy and girl, man and woman be acquainted with the vision of the nation.
Let us shy from those ready to invest in our land; we must be ready to intellectually and equally engage them.
Every Zimbabwean stands to benefit from ongoing efforts.
Corruption is being weeded out.
National projects will benefit all the citizens.
We must not blow the opportunities presented us, coming our way and at the same time these must ensure sustainable development, not piecemeal growth.
And let us not be an unreasonable lot who will demand sadza from maize-seed just put in the ground.
Our soil is fertile, the necessary materials to sustain growth are in place; so why the impatience?
A child will never be born at the time of conception; time is naturally required for the moment of birth to arrive.
Soon we shall enjoy every good thing our nation has to offer but only if we are all in agreement, on the same page and pulling in one direction.
It is the responsibility of every patriot to guard against enemies of progress.


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