Jah Prayzah be humble


EDITOR – I HAVE heard some people say never forget the days of humble beginnings, for in them you shall rejoice. 

Therefore, I strongly believe that Jah Prayzah must not forget his humble origins, period.

In our greatness, real or perceived, tose takabva kuvanhu, and the moment we forget that, we are setting up ourselves for failure.

Jah Prayzah’s decision not to participate in local awards competitions is not a noble move but stems from an ego that has grown so big and is now blinding the lanky crooner.

This is a decision he made because his latest offerings failed to make an impact on the market.

However, he should be reminded that there were many stars in the past and these periodically experienced highs and lows, but still behaved.

In the season that Simon Chimbetu, John Chibadura, Leonard Dembo, Tongai Moyo, Alick Macheso, Cephas Mashakada and many other stars did not deliver to expectations, they simply returned to the studio to come up with better productions. 

There was no posturing on their part.

To the end, legends like Dr Oliver Mtukudzi and Zexie Manatsa were part of local awards, they never saw themselves as bigger than the industry.

The late Soul Jah Love put it succinctly when he sang, “…pfavira ngoma husiku hurefu.”

It is the fans and society who determine who is a legend.

There was not a single day that Manatsa, Tuku, Mashakada or Dembo declared themselves giants of the industry. 

They simply worked and the people declared them such.

Even the living legend Macheso cringes when you call him a superstar. 

All he will say is: “Chedu kubvonga chete vanodya vodudzira.”

Be humble, Jah Prayzah, and think twice.

Simu Tawaz, 



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