No to drug abuse


EDITOR – DRUG and substance abuse continues to rise in Zimbabwe. 

Each day we come across sad tales of youths who have lost their lives due to drug abuse.

Others have had to be committed to psychiatric care as a result of the cruel side effects of drug abuse. 

Drugs are altering our children’s behaviour and they have become strangers before our eyes. 

We see some becoming a menace to society, stealing and even committing murder while under the influence.

Children as young as 14 years are taking drugs.

The prevalence of drug abuse is said to be at 57 percent among young people. 

Crystal meth, cocaine, broncleer, marijuana and alcohol are among the most commonly abused drugs and substances.  Apparently 65 percent of mental health cases in the country are related to drug abuse, according to research by medical experts. 

Drugs have become an evil that requires collective efforts to rid society of it.  

This starts with ensuring that those supplying the drugs are tracked down and arrested. 

Their businesses are booming at the expense of young bright lives.  

We cannot continue to take the backseat as we watch generations getting destroyed by drugs.

We must put an end to this rot and say no to drugs.

Shepherd Mushove,



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