Peace, peace, peace


EDITOR – AS a law-abiding citizen, I am writing to you encouraging Zimbabweans to maintain peace before, during and after the much-anticipated March 26 by-elections. 

There have been skirmishes here and there, especially at CCC rallies, and this is unacceptable. Everyone knows the history of the opposition when it comes to violence, but this must come to an end. Gone are the days when political campaigns would turn nasty, all in the name of politics. 

Let us all be mature please. 

Yes, there are posters all over of numerous candidates vying for different seats and all registered voters are entitled to select leaders of their choice. 

No one is being forced or intimidated to vote for anyone. 

Therefore, claims of voters being intimidated do not make sense to me because, come March 26, I will be making my decision alone and the ballot box will decide. 

I repeat, as progressive Zimbabweans, this is not, and can never be, the time for us to be fighting one another. 

This is the time for us to elect able leadership which will ensure prosperity for the nation. 

Look around. 

Our urban areas in particular are in a sorry state and this is the time for us to select capable individuals who can lead to their transformation for the better. 

Again I say, let’s keep peace before, during and after the March 26 by-elections, and to all voters, my message is, let us all vote wisely and with Vision 2030 in mind.

Cde Maud Munetsi,



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