Shaping our destiny


EDITOR — THE summer cropping season is upon us and I am calling upon all our farmers to outdo last season’s targets. 

Our agricultural sector is on a serious growth trajectory and if we continue to produce more than what is required we will soon have a surplus that will give our economy a massive boost. 

Government has since shown its commitment to ensuring a thriving agricultural sector by availing programmes to support producers from the household level to large-scale commercial farmers. 

The private sector is also doing everything to support producers.

Players like  Seed Co are investing in machinery to increase efficiency in the sector. The maize drying plant it recently acquired has been described as a massive game changer as it will provide a quick turnaround in seed production by reducing drying time which will enable early harvesting and payment to growers. 

However, these policies, programmes and development will come to naught if our producers do not complement them by ensuring maximum production, at all levels, from subsistence to commercial. 

At one time, agriculture provided 60 percent of the industry’s raw materials. 

Thus, agriculture is crucial in eradicating poverty and improving our people’s quality of life. With irrigation schemes being resuscitated and new ones established, we are on the right path to being self-sustainable and in a position to feed other nations. 

Agricultural producers are key players in turning around the fortunes of our country. Please answer the call to produce.

Bridget R. Chika,



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