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The origin and meaning of university

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By Nthungo YaAfrika

THE Roman Catholic Church was founded when the Egyptian (Nahasi African) Priest Mystery Systems which were also called Temples and Schools of Philosophy, based on MAAT, the original religion, were abolished by edicts of Emperor Theodius in the 4th Century and Emperor Justian in the 6th Century. 

After banning the Mystery Systems, Rome started its own systems based on the banned Mystery Systems and these were first called univeritas, then universal education, and then the current modern name, university. 

These were founded by monks who then established first universities in Paris, Oxford and Cambridge. 

Univeritas, like universal education and university, are two words, not one, as most people think.

Let’s look at ‘uni-veritas’: ‘uni’ means one while ‘veritas’ is truth, literally meaning one truth. 

The question then is: What is that one truth? 

The answer being: Yahweh is One, Truthful and Just and that was the concept of MAAT. 

MAAT also signified balance, order, harmony, law and morality. 

The Egyptian Mystery Systems were never understood by the invaders of Egypt in 525 BC, the Persians; the Greeks in 322 BC: the Roman in 84 BC; and the current modern white race. 

The white race was civilised by Egyptian (Nahasi African) priests after her conquest. 

There is nothing new the Tambou (white) race has added to the wellbeing of the human race because they are savages and have corrupted ‘uni-veritas’ (MAAT) culminating to what the world is today. 

The definition of a savage, in their dictionary, is: wild, untamed, cruel, violent, uncivilised, primitive and ferocious. 

Are these not still the attributes of the white race, though veiled? 

The answer is plain for all to see and the most stupid thing they have developed are weapons of mass destruction, which, ironically, can also destroy themselves. 

This has prompted them to explore the outer space for planets their race can dwell on before unleashing these WMDs.  

Yahweh created a planet with enough resources to conquer poverty.  

Despite calling the whites savages, our ancestors were conquered by them — the reason being they had corrupted the Way Of Yahweh. 

The Way Of Yahweh was simply having the attributes of Yahweh which, since creation, have been embraced by three people (Enoch, Elijah and Yeshua ben Yosef corrupted to Jesus Christ). 

University (MAAT) education began at home as children were taught about Yahweh’s unlimited kindness towards human beings. 

When children were old enough, they were sent to Mystery Systems where they were graded according to their moral standing and intellectual competence. 

After this, they had to submit to many years of tests and ordeals in order that their eligibility for advancement might be determined. 

The first stage was called the Neophyte (Beginners) or the Mortals.

This was a probation period where they received instruction but had not yet attained the inner vision. 

The Neophyte was required to manifest the following attributes: control of thought, control of action, steadfastness of purpose, identify with spiritual life gained after the individual had conquered passional nature, evidence of having a mission in life, evidence of a call to spiritual orders or the priesthood in the Mysteries, a deep insight and gravity that befitted the faculty of seership, freedom from resentment under persecution, confidence in the power of the master as a teacher, confidence in one’s ability to learn as well as readiness or preparedness for initiation. 

The successful ones went to the next stage where, if they succeeded, were then called the Intelligences, meaning they had attained the inner vision. 

Those who successfully completed the stage were called the Creators or Daughters and Sons of the Light, who had become identified or united with the Light, that is true spiritual consciousness. 

These grades were also known as initiation, illumination and perfection.

Those that qualified had to master a certain number of the Books of Hermes.

They had to know by heart the Books of Hermes, one containing the hymns of the gods and the other the allotment of the King or Queen’s life.

The Horoscopus carrying a sun dial and a palm branch, the symbols of Astronomy, had to know the four Books of Hermes which deal with astronomy.

The Hierogrammat, with the feathers on the head and a book in hand as well as a rectangular case with writing materials (the writing ink and reed) had to be knowledgeable of hieroglyphics, cosmography, geography, astronomy, the topography of Egypt, the sacred utensils and measures as well as the temple furniture and the lands. 

Next were the Stolistes, carrying the cubit of justice and the libation vessels. 

These had to know the Books of Hermes that deal with the slaughter of animals (Islam Halaal). 

And there was the prophetess carrying the vessel of water, followed by those who carry the loaves.

The prophetess was the president of the Temple (university MAAT) and had to know 10 Books of Hermes which are called hieratic, and contained the laws and doctrines concerning the Gods (secret theology) and the whole education of the priests. 

The Books of Hermes are 42 in number and were absolutely necessary; they contained the whole philosophy of the Egyptians (black Africans).

Among the books were medical books that dealt with physiology, male and female diseases, anatomy, drugs and instruments. 

The Books of Hermes were well-known to the ancient world and were known to Clement of Alexandria who lived at the beginning of the 3rd Century.

The priests were also judges and interpreters of law and the science of statistics which was perfected among the Egyptian priests. 

Although the Books of Hermes were not in circulation in 1835 when Lord Macaulay visited the motherland — it was more functional than the rest of the world. 

This was so because some priests had committed these important books to their memory. 

These became the target of white savages, hence the statement by Lord Macaulay: ‘’….. I do not think that we would ever conquer this country unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage and therefore, I propose we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture….”

And the rest is history: we have become the scum of humanity.

The Books of Hermes are somewhere in their vaults, being studied by their academics and intellectuals, creating a situation of invincibility that is intimidating our own scholars.

Those books are physically not available to us but spiritually are available. That is why, in my last article of December 16 to January 12 of 2023, I said, knowledge of our past is key…. why the rush to be modern. Modern does not want us to be knowledgeable of the Books of Hermes. 

Currently, our universities are churning out graduates the Ancients called Intelligences, meaning they can only repeat what they have been taught and can never reach the last stage of being Creators. 

This has made them cannon fodder for the white race.

The motherland is churning out graduates who are not physically and spiritual mature, to the detriment of the continent’s progress. 

University is not an institution of higher learning but an institution that must teach one to know the self in order to know one’s mission on earth and to be in connection with Yahweh. 

This, our ancestors called greatest good, advancing the mortal to the level of God. 

God here is not the Creator but a spirit being who is not controlled by flesh and can be accessed by anyone who genuinely seeks. 

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