The struggle continues!


EDITOR — THE fight against mental colonialism is the last struggle that Africans have to win to ensure sustainable unity, peace and development. 

The gallant liberation fighters of Zimbabwe successfully waged a war against colonialism that gave birth to an independent nation in 1980. However, neo-colonial forces are still holding us back as Africans since our youth are still mentally colonised. 

Education, religion as well as Western propaganda are the weapons of choice by greedy imperialists to promote and perpetuate neo-colonialism as well as white supremacy. It is now the responsibility of the 21st Century young people to complete the journey to total freedom and independence of black people through fighting European education systems and designing a new education system that is founded on African values. 

The Africa we want can only be shaped through a proper education system and nothing will change in Africa unless a correct mindset is inculcated among black people. The education system we inherited is the root cause of all African problems, particularly the lack of patriotism which is essential to nation building. It is a wrong mindset to think that opposing and sabotaging those in authority or power is democracy. 

It is equally wrong mentality to think a nation divided along political lines will prosper. Our education system should be able to open the eyes of the people to the truth that American democracy is meant to destabilise peaceful nations.

The divide and rule tactics of the white oppressors is still active and, as Africans, we should be quick to notice and resist such. 

Most history books taught in schools were written by our colonisers and we must get rid of them. 

Exaggerated European history is being taught juxtaposed with distorted history of black people. 

African history was written in a negative and condescending way while glorifying Europeans as saviours, which cultivates an inferiority complex among Africans. No wonder the so-called graduates try by all means to distance themselves from everything African and prefer identifying themselves with our colonisers. The need to re-write our story should be taken seriously and treated as a matter of urgency. 

Writing our own narrative does not only mean re-writing African history but also an unbiased and unexaggerated European history should be written from an African perspective. Superficial and useless knowledge is being taught in schools as fact. 

Many believe speaking good English means knowledge and yet the Chinese, Japanese and Russians are greatly advancing technologically and in medicine without recourse to English. 

The education system is producing academic zombies who think speaking the coloniser’s language and following his ways will build the nation. 

The reality is that the current education system is only designed to Westernise black people, taking away their identity, culture and traditions.  

The fall of the European education system is the rise and prosperity of Africa. 

— Abraham Mabvurira.


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