Well done Govt


THE 111th Zimbabwe Agricultural Show ran this week at the Exhibition Park in Harare with emphasis on the growth registered in the agriculture sector due to the favourable rains last year. 

The good rains and overwhelming support from Government to all our producers ensured we had a good 2020/2021 cropping season. 

There was a bumper harvest of maize and groundnuts, among other crops. A very special thank you to  Government which  ensured farmers were able to plan and prepare for the cropping season ahead of time. We hope the support will be scaled up this season as others who were skeptical are now ready to go into the fields after seeing the success of their peers. 

I was really happy to see farmers who had never set foot at the agricultural show exhibiting for the first time. Their presence at the show was as a result of innovations in the agricultural sector that saw hitherto unproductive farmers thriving. 

Programmes, such as the Pfumvunza/Intwasa Programme, saw small-scale farmers achieving bumper harvests. 

This year’s Zimbabwe Agricultural Show ran under the theme ‘Synergies for Growth — Co-operate, Collaborate, Complement’. 

Indeed, with co-operation, we will phenomenally grow our agricultural sector.

Shanty Munana, 



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