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Whites made the Bible unholy

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By Nthungo YaAfrika

IN their own words,  the white savages, the Tambous, in the preface of the American King James Bible, admitted that the Bible is not holy.

I bought this Bible in Blantyre, Malawi, on December 22 1987 and I had never bothered to read the prefaces of both the Old and New Testament.

As I was preparing for this article, my intuition told me to read the prefaces of the Old and New Testament and what I discovered shocked me, on a physical and spiritual level.

My curiosity about the Bible was prompted by the current war between Israel and HAMAS.

In their own words, they say the Bible was written by a company.

This prompted me to search the meaning of the word company and the answer I found was: …an institution created to conduct business for profit to be enjoyed by investors at whatever cost. 

No wonder since the Bible was reintroduced to the world by the Tambous, in its current form, peace has eluded the human race.

Whether one likes it or not, the Bible is a ‘compilation of books’.

The question many do not ask is: Who did the compilation?

The answer many Christians, of whatever colour, do not want to hear and believe is that the compilation was done by Tambous (savages), a name given to the current so-called white race by our ancestors who called themselves Nahasis.

Because the Tambous did not want this to be public knowledge, they changed the name of the story of humanity and called it ‘His-Story’, which is their story of events about the human race. This they achieved after killing all spiritually knowledgeable Nahasi academics and intellectuals — story for another day.

Because of their interference in spiritual matters their ancestors were ignorant of until they met the Nahasi, the Tambous, since the times of the Crusaders, more than one thousand years ago, have been trying to hijack the original creation story and make it white.

At the end of the first preface of this American Edition are these words: ‘’ Further particulars respecting the points of difference between this edition and the English Revision of 1881-1885 may be learned from the Appendix found at the close of this Testament. Earnestly hoping that our work may contribute to the better understanding of the Old Testament, we commend to the considerate judgment of all students of the Sacred Scriptures.’’

What does that mean?

This is the preface to the Edition of AD 1885: ‘’The Revision of the Authorised Version was undertaken in consequence of a resolution passed by both houses of the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury, as has been fully explained in the Preface of the Revised Version of the New Testament, which was first published in May 1881. When the two Companies were appointed for carrying out this work,  the following General Principles, among others, were laid down by the Revision of the Convocation for their guidance:

  • To introduce as few alterations as possible into the text of the Authorised Version consistently with faithfulness.
  • To limit, as far as possible, the expression of such alteration to the language of the Authorised and Earlier English Versions.
  • That the text to be adopted be that for which the evidence is decidedly preponderating; and that when the text so adopted differs from that which the Authorised Version was made, the alteration be indicated in the margin.
  • To revise the headlines of the chapters and pages, paragraphs, italics, and punctuations. 

In order to show that the manner in which the Old Testament Company has endeavoured to carry out their instructions, it will be convenient to treat the subjects mentioned in the foregoing rules in a somewhat different order. The revision of this Bible was made to one that was two and a half centuries from 1611 to the day of translation. It could not be expected that in the course of 14 years many changes could take place in the company. Of the original number who first put their hands to the work on June 30 1870, only 15 remain. Ten men of the company have been removed by death, and two have resigned. The places of these have been filled from time to time by others and since October 1875 no new members have been added. The Revision was completed in 85 sessions, ending on June 20 1884 and it occupied 792 days.”

Preface to the Edition of AD 1881 of the New Testament.

The English Version of the New Testament presented to the reader is a revision of the translation published in the year of our Lord 1611 and commonly referred to by the name Authorised version.

That translation was the work of many hands and of several generations.

The foundation was laid by William Tyndale.

Our race was first conquered by Persia in 525 BC and the Persians were only interested in getting tribute of precious metals from our ancestors.

The Persians were defeated by the Greeks in 322 BC and the Greeks were not only interested in getting tribute but also the knowledge of our ancestors and this they got and in the end started enslaving them.

The Greeks were then conquered by Rome in 84 BC, who also then plagiarised our ancestors’ civilisation.

From Rome, our ancestors know how they fell into the hands of the English and, as they say, the rest is history.

The motherland was then partitioned in 1884 when the Europeans had full knowledge of how the scriptures and sciences of our ancestors could propel them to control the planet.

We are in that situation now, that is why our continent is disjointed physically and spiritually — but how many of our race believe this?

That is the reason I had to quote King James American Version Bible prefaces to prove my point to the doubting Thomases of our race.

The Bible we hold so holy today reflects the thoughts of the Tambous (white savages), the current so-called white race.

The Book of Enoch is the only Book that can lead us to where we belong, the race of light.

Prophet Enoch shows how it can be done and for more than 300 years, he ruled the planet and there was no poverty.

The devil is not the enemy, especially here on the motherland but we who think that the white savages are representatives of the heavens, yet the opposite is the truth.

As a race, we are not prepared to hear the truth because most of us identify heavenly life with the Tambou race, yet the opposite is the truth.

The current Gaza-Israeli war shows how our race is still spiritually colonised and enslaved because of how most of us still view the Israelites.

Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune and can never be apportioned to the devil but to the self. What really makes me mad is us identifying our pigment as black, refusing to listen to what our eyes tell us.

The first step to be spiritually free is to listen to what our eyes are telling us about our skin pigment. 

But who is listening?

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