Allergies can be controlled

Allergies can be controlled

By Tatenda Gapa WINDY conditions stir dust, pollen and this may activate allergies. In Zimbabwe the month of August is windier than the others. Most of the things people are allergic to are airborne. Windy conditions spark allergies caused by some plants that start to bloom during the month of August. Doctors say most people […]

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Chibondo: Exhibition documenting Rhodesia’s bloody trail: Part One

Chibondo: Exhibition documenting Rhodesia’s bloody trail: Part One

By Dr Tony Monda TWO of the most atrocious military attacks on indigenous Zimbabweans by the Rhodesian forces occurred at Nyadzonia and Chimoio in Mozambique. On August 9 1976, a Rhodesian attack on Nyadzonia Camp resulted in the death and injury of over 1 000 people; many of them innocent civilians. On November 23 1977, […]

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Pollution of underground water on the increase

Pollution of underground water on the increase

MASSIVE housing developments and industrial activities have been cited among some of the elements negatively impacting the environment. The environment continues to suffer immensely as people disregard best practices in the use of the various resources. Land resettlements for farming purposes and housing developments have resulted in deforestation. And the increased use of septic tanks […]

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World unites in condemning the killing of Cecil, the Zim lion

I WOULD like to pay tribute to Cecil, the Zimbabwean lion killed brutally by an American dentist, Palmer Walker, who bribed his way to kill the famous lion which meant a lot to Zimbabwe’s tourism. He is alleged to have paid US$55 000 to a local farmer and a Safari company to get the chance […]

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Chatham House Report: Zimbabwe’s International Re-engagement The Long Haul to Recovery

By: Knox Chitiyo and Steve Kibble Download full document here

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Mixed fortune for tobacco growers

Mixed fortune for tobacco growers

THE 2015 tobacco marketing season came and went leaving some growers smiling all the way to the bank and others counting their losses. While it is time for those that had a favourable season on the market to start planning for the next season, it is back to the drawing board for those figuring out […]

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Building human capital for sustainability

Building human capital for sustainability

IN the previous episode we argued that it is people that make up the economy. More importantly it is the capacity of those people to implement the various programmes that constitute the national economy. In terms of the formal economy, it is the technocrats who must oversee the effective implementation of economic projects for the […]

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Reburials not an afterthought

THERE is an organisation that is working silently doing very important work. Its work largely remains in the fringes of the media for the organisation has not received much coverage. The Fallen Heroes Trust of Zimbabwe (FHT) has been followed here and there by one or two reporters, it is as if many are not […]

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Cuthbert Dube must go now!

Cuthbert Dube must go now!

WHEN a national team in training and conditioning itself for a life or death encounter fails to secure lunch and has to do with a cup of tea as an alternative, this is beyond a crisis. The national soccer Under 23 team in camp preparing for the CAF Under-23 Championship qualifier against South Africa, failed […]

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Obama’s visit: Setting the record straight

READING the so-called independently owned newspapers this week, one got the impression that United States President, Barack Obama was at the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, addressing the bloc’s 53 heads of state. Screaming headlines such as ‘Obama excludes Mugabe from AU meeting’, were the order of the week. After reading one of […]

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