We must believe

WHERE is our faith and belief? With a little faith and belief we will move mountains.

Are we ideologically transformed?

OUR liberation struggle is something we must never stop talking about because our nation is anchored on it.  The...

Visa debacle: ZIFA to blame

ZIMBABWE Football Association (ZIFA) should shoulder the blame for the embarrassing reception accorded the Warriors coach at the Oliver Tambo International Airport,...

Let us not be found wanting

WE always write and talk about how, as a people, we must strive to preserve our hunhu/ubuntu. Indeed, one...

Telling our stories key

THERE is something interesting I have observed over time. Our liberation wars narratives are finding space in the media.

Do we all appreciate Africa Day?

DID you know that only 12 African countries recognise May 25 as a public holiday. And there are 54...

COVID-19: Let’s not relax

THE recent extension of the localised Kwekwe COVID-19 lockdown should be a rude awakening to those who have tended to relax on...

No place like home

Elsewhere, Home By Leila Aboulela Published by Telegram (2018) ISBN 978 -1 -846592119

France’s divide and rule tactic

THE recent France-Africa Summit held in Paris demonstrates to what extent our colonisers never want to lose control of their divided former...

From ‘paper imperialism’ to the Maxim gun

The Scramble for Africa 1876-1912 By Thomas Pakenham  Published by Phoenix Press (2001)
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