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By Tapiwa Nyati, recently in Bulilima, Matabeland South

THE ZANU PF star rally recently held at Nyele Primary School in Bulilima, Matabeleland South, will be the talk of the province for a long time. 

The visit by the Head of State, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, had the whole province excited — just as it was in Mutema Secondary School, Chipinge. 

The Patriot was in Chipinge and something interesting happened. 

A heavily pregnant woman waded slowly in the crowd. 

She would not be left behind because the President was in town. 

As she sat in the audience, she went into labour and a bouncing baby boy was delivered.

He was immediately named Emmerson Nyika. 

President Mnangagwa highlighted the incident in Bulilima.  

“When I was briefed about that incident, I then said I was going to pay for that child’s education until he finishes his university education,” President Mnangagwa said.

Indeed, Bulilima was literally lit last week. 

“We have been remembered,” was the saying at Nyele Primary School.

Those who recalled said it had been about 33 years since Bulilima hosted the country’s Head of State.

“We have never had a rally this big in Matabeleland South,” said President Mnangagwa. 

“It is so big; well, the spirit of the founding father is amongst us today. 

“It is hovering over us and saying: ‘Bantwana bami, you remember me’. 

“We chose July 1, why? 

“Because of Father Zimbabwe, Chibwechitedza; it’s the 24th Anniversary of his death. 

“So, today, first and foremost, we are celebrating the anniversary of Father Zimbabwe. 

“We are not only celebrating with this huge rally, a rally that has never, ever happened in this country, particularly in Matabeleland South.”

The huge rally coincided with a gala dedicated to the memory of Father Zimbabwe, Cde Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo, in Mapisa. 

The Bulilima Presidential Rally at Nyele was held on the day we commemorate the passing on of the late Vice-President Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo.

The previous week, another gala was held in Chipinge in honour of the late Cde Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole. These towering figures of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle and other nationalists were detained at Gonakudzingwa by the Rhodesian government in 1964. 

Cde Nkomo and Cde Sithole, among many others, had one mission – to unite people and bring independence to Zimbabwe. 

To date, Zimbabweans know that unity is the bedrock of the nation.  

It is important to note that the Second Republic has not just been focusing on infrastructure development, but also on unity and restoration of legacies which has seen rallies and programmes being launched in provinces that had previously been marginalised. 

Bulilima is located in Matabeleland South Province, south-western Zimbabwe. 

It is close to the Botswana border and is separated from Mangwe by the railway line which cuts across the district.

It is the country’s self-proclaimed rainbow province of languages as shown by the diversity of languages spoken by different speakers on the podium last week. 

Nyele Primary School, on the other hand, was built by Barrington Phuti in 1954.

He is grandfather to Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Postal and Courier Services and ZANU PF Bulilima West MP, Dingumuzi Phuti. 

Adored by multitudes in the province, Cde Phuti has, over the years, served the people diligently by initiating numerous developmental projects. 

In Bulilima, no-one was left behind.

Under the Goat Scheme, a total of 4 149 goats were distributed to 3 515 households while under the Poultry Scheme, a total of 795 922 birds were distributed to 79 593 households.

The Second Republic has so far improved the water supply by drilling 28 boreholes for the San Community. 

The Plumtree’s water supply system project has begun to be operationalised and the 131-hectare Bambanani Irrigation Scheme in the Sanzukwi area, which has a capacity to accommodate over 100 households, has also been rehabilitated. 

Other irrigation schemes that have been rehabilitated include Makwe, Guyu-Chelesa, Sebasa, Silalatshani and Tshikwalakwala.

Turning to the health sector, two clinics, Somnene Clinic in Bulilima and Izimnyama Clinic in Mangwe, have been built.

In his speech, President Mnangagwa said every country is built on the basis of science and technology, hence the deliberate decision to have all local universities have a bias towards science and technology. 

Said President Mnangagwa: “This is why, when your chairman, Mangaliso Ndlovu, came to me and said mdhara, ‘sifuna i-technical college hanti isikhona khonapha?’ 

“We are building a polytech because polytechs teach people skills; how to build a house, how to do metal fabrication, carpentry, electro-engineering, ICT; these are skills that are needed for our country.

“Under the Second Republic, we shall make sure every single province will have universities, will have technical colleges. 

“Primary and secondary schools, all of them will have a bias towards science and technology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, kuvaka nyika yekwedu. 

No doubt various developmental projects are being implemented by the Second Republic countrywide, Bulilima included. 

President Mnangagwa highlighted that: “Throughout our campaign — whether at ward level, district level, provincial level — I want to tell our candidates to preach peace, unity, harmony and love. 

“Never again shall Zimbabwe become a colony. 

“Under our watch, it will never happen. 

“It is important that you learn that elections will come and go; but we shall remain united as one nation, under one national anthem, one flag.”

As the ZANU PF campaign train gathers pace, pundits contend it’s not too late to join the winning team that will ensure Zimbabwe remains in the hands of Zimbabweans.  


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