THE Israeli Defence Minister has announced that Israel would cut electricity, water, food and fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip, as part of its campaign against HAMAS.

The Gaza Strip is home to 2,2 million Palestinians, and when these are denied food, fuel, electricity and water, it clearly is a death sentence on them.

Who can survive without water and food. It’s not possible. How do hospitals operate without fuel and electricity, food and water?

This latest edict against Palestinians seeks genocide, a total annihilation of the poor souls; it clearly exposes Israel — a diabolic Zionist State that totally denies the humanity of the Palestinians.

It reveals the very attitude that has underlined the behaviour of the Israelis towards the Palestinians; an attitude which says they are not of equal worth as humans and this has been so for the last five decades, at least.

And it is this which has resulted in HAMAS’ most recent attacks on Israel.

Israel does not consider Palestinians a people with rights and so denies them basic human rights.

The very right to life is denied them everyday.

Israel’s forces make forays into the Gaza Strip as and when they like and Palestinians are shot on sight, including children. The Israelis always claim these forays are follow-up operations in pursuit of terrorists but never explain why children and youths are targeted while fighters are hardly ever apprehended.

To Israel, the Gaza Strip is just a dormitory corridor in which Palestinians are squashed; a colony on which it practises all forms of fascist aggression and torture.

No Palestinian ever feels safe; they are denied the right to security by Israel.

They are squashed, making it difficult for them to lead a normal life; they are blockaded and so cannot be in control of their daily lives; they do not control their destiny.

And Israel settles more and more Jews on Palestinian land, marginalising them in their own land.

These settlers have powers to harass and kill Palestinians at will, with impunity; they steal cattle from Palestinians.

The Palestinians are subjected to numerous Israeli military checkpoints which arbitrarily stop and harass Palestinians and imprison them, forcing Palestinians to live like fugitives in their land.

They desecrate Palestinian places of worship, harassing and denying their freedom of worship. The Palestinians are under a fascist brutal military occupation.

Thus, when HAMAS declares an all-out war against Israel, it is to protect Palestinians from choking, from daily terrorism by Israel.

This year alone, Israel killed 223 Palestinians for no justifiable cause and continue unabated. HAMAS has to protect fellow Palestinians from the terrorism of more than 50 years which has reached unbearable levels.

No-one can live like that. Israeli occupation of Palestinian is rated worse than that of apartheid South Africa.

Yet the West looks aside without condemning this most cruel apartheid.

The so-called champions of human rights and democracy remain mum and instead arm the terrorist State of Israel so that it can oppress, brutalise and massacre Palestinians without compunction.

The West has been howling hoarse in condemnation of Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s military operation in Ukraine while conviniently sweeping the history of Ukraine/Russian relations under the carpet to hide that they used their dirty hand to topple a lawfully elected government in Kiev and install one that would be belligerent to Moscow at their behest.

They claim Moscow is an occupation force which murders civilians and the West is  behind the ICC issuing an arrest warrant against the President of the Russian Federation, Putin, for crimes against humanity.

Whatever Russia is accused of cannot be compared to Israel’s genocidal violence against the Palestinians which has spanned 50 years.

But the West is not just silent about this fascist genocidal violence against Palestinians but condones it, and actually participates in the same by arming Israel with the most modern sophisticated weapons.

The West’s voice is consistently raised loudly in support of Israel, condemning Palestinian armed resistance as terrorism.

So the West not only denies the victims any moral support but also arms and abets the Zionist State.

Israel is given favoured nation status by the West, and no sanctions are imposed on it for crimes against humanity. The ICC does not issue any arrest warrants for Israeli leaders.

Why does the West support terrorism by Israel?

Because they are terrorists themselves. Israel is doing, in that corner of the world, what the West has been doing and is doing all over the world such as the West’s terrorism in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria and even here at home. The West gave the Smith regime moral, material and military support to terrorise and massacre us so that we would stop fighting for what is ours — our land and natural resources.

As the world watches as Israel pounds Gaza every five minutes, it is clear what the West’s  intention is — genocide. Gaza is one of the most densely populated spaces in the world and when it is pounded every few minutes for hours on end, the intention is clear — it is annihilation.

The people of Gaza have nowhere to hide in that narrow strip of land, and they can’t go into the sea.

Benjamin Netanyahu charges that the people of Gaza should leave their homes because he is bombing everything, when he knows very well that they have nowhere to go.

When he bombs residential areas and admits so, the fight is no longer against HAMAS, but Palestinians.

It is madness to do that.

What Israel is after is total annihilation of the Palestinian people and the West is complicit in the ethnic cleansing of 2,2 million Palestinians.

For America to promise Israel more military assistance and to send a cruise ship for the same, purporting that Israel needs to be assisted to defend itself, is hypocrisy of the worst kind. They know full well that Israel is the terrorist, the aggressor and it is the Palestinians who are fighting in self-defence.

HAMAS is made up of a few brigades, and Israel is one of the  most well equipped military forces in the region as it is; it does not need to be beefed up against just a few brigades. The might of the US and Israel against a few brigades and 2,2 million civilians; it is demonstrably a matter of disproportionate force, a prescription for genocide.

It is catastrophic and tragic that the world bows down to the leadership of the West, the West which is so terroristic in its ideology and practices.

In this war, as in other wars before, HAMAS and Palestinians are on their own; the world denies Palestinians moral and military assistance because the West denies them so.

The Palestinians know only too well that none but themselves shall set them free — and they are fighting for their freedom with everything they have.

The West, to be specific the US and the UK, howled in moral condemnation of the HAMMAS operation because Israel is the West’s shame. In their eyes, Israel dare not fall for this will expose their hand in the creation of the Zionist State. The answer lies in history after the Second World War.


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