‘Don’t trust Western countries’


EDITOR – WE have always been lied to that in 1980 we inherited  a ‘good economy’.

That is pure nonsense.  

We inherited a well-organised colonial mafioso   exploitative system which was designed to benefit only colonialists. 

In our misinformed naivety, we thought by renaming it ‘Zimbabwe Economy’ it would do the trick. 

No it didn’t.

We must all understand this.

It’s their (colonialists) thing and all the strings. 

All the systems, structures, policies, technology and education systems were designed to benefit their colonial mafioso system.

Look, we must all know that when it comes to African economies, they are designed for economic rape until we totally eradicate the system.

For instance, our woes in Zimbabwe started after we implemented the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme.

All Western countries were bitter and they remain angry about this, especially the UK and the US. 

Western countries cannot stomach how a small African country like Zimbabwe dared to repossess land. 

For that anyone who knows how these Western countries work and function will be fully aware that they are like an injured black mamba.

They are waiting to strike at any given opportunity.  

We know that the Western style of governance that we adopted and/or were forced to adopt does not guarantee economic development. 

Economic emancipation lies with us as Zimbabweans. 

Let us be our own liberators. 




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