Simply the best!


EDITOR – THE first woman and the first black artist to appear on the cover of the Rolling Stones is no more. 

Tina Turner was a genius in her own right and she will forever be an inspiration to all black women in music. Indeed, she was simply the best and her successful career, as observed by many, broke many barriers for future generations of both black and white women in music. 

She was not just famous in the US and Europe. 

In Africa, and Zimbabwe in particular, many danced to her music and many will continue doing so even after her demise (MHDSRIEP). 

Some of us were avid fans and, to date, we have her collection. 

She died at 83 but her legacy as the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die. 

Her electric performances on stage and soulful vocals will always be remembered. 

Yes, she faced many trials and tribulations but no-one can dispute the fact she paved the way for numerous women, particularly in Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

She remains one of the greatest artistes of all time. 

Rest in power Tina Turner. 

Love probably has a lot to do with it because indeed you were simply the best!

Rest in power!

Mai Shalom, 

Belvedere, Harare.


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