WE, in the village, are known for our resilience, we never give up and build on our successes.

Thus it was a pleasure to be in Dandara Village, Murehwa, for the ZANU PF Mashonaland East electoral victory celebrations.

It was pomp and fanfare as villagers and visitors from various parts of the province joined in the celebrations.

The ZANU PF provincial chairman, Cde Daniel Garwe — who is also the Minister National Housing and Social Amenities — delivered an important message of gratitude and a call for unity among Party members and  supporters.

Cde Garwe and guest of honour  Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Tatenda Mavetera’s  acknowledgment of the people’s overwhelming support and emphasis on maintaining unity are pivotal themes in the post-election landscape.

With the conclusion of the elections, it is imperative for us to shift our focus towards the development and progress of our nation.

The winning mindset must continue to guide our development agenda.

ZANU PF’s victory in the August 23-24 harmonised elections reflects the trust and confidence placed in the Party by the electorate, and it is incumbent upon us to demonstrate through our actions why ZANU PF continues to win elections.

Regardless of political affiliations, we must come together as a nation to harness our collective strengths and talents towards common goals.

ZANU PF’s victory celebrations should serve as a catalyst for promoting national unity, fostering dialogue and building consensus on key development priorities.

Now that the elections are over, we must prioritise economic stability and growth as foundational pillars of our development agenda.

The revolutionary Party’s track record in steering the economy through challenging times and implementing policies that stimulate growth and create opportunities for sustainable success has resonated with voters.

Now is the time to consolidate yhe gains made, attract investment, promote entrepreneurship and ensure inclusive economic growth that benefits all sectors of society.

ZANU PF’s commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability has been recognised by the electorate. There is no need for bitterness but to close ranks as a people. Education and skills development have been made key priorities in driving sustainable development and empowering our youth in the Second Republic.

ZANU PF’s investment in education, vocational training and skills development has contributed significantly to human capital development.

We must continue to invest in quality education, promote lifelong learning and equip our youth with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving global economy.

Environmental sustainability and climate resilience must be integrated into our development agenda. ZANU PF’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development practices resonates with the growing concerns about climate change and environmental degradation.

We must prioritise conservation efforts, promote renewable energy sources, and adopt eco-friendly policies to protect our natural resources for future generations.

Now that the elections are over, it is time to channel our efforts towards nation-building, economic development and social progress.

ZANU PF’s victory should inspire us to work tirelessly towards achieving our national vision and demonstrating why the Party continues to win elections through its commitment to unity, economic stability, good governance, education, and environmental sustainability.

Cde Garwe expressed his gratitude to the people of Murehwa and Mashonaland East for their significant turnout during the elections, which contributed to the ruling Party’s resounding victory in the province. This acknowledgment not only recognises the voters’ role but also reinforces the Party’s connection with its grassroots supporters.

We must take to heart Cde Garwe’s reiteration of the importance of unity and a winning mindset post-elections.

This message carries weight as it encourages cohesion within the Party ranks and underscores the need for collective action in achieving national goals.

Clearly, Cde Garwe’s call for unity extended beyond mere political rhetoric; it is a plea for a harmonious and productive society emphasising the values of peace, love and hard work.

And, most importantly, he called on all the people to pray for President Mnangagwa’s good health and longevity so that he sees the fruition of Vision 2030 that he is tirelessly pursuing for all the people of Zimbabwe.

The youth’s recognition of President Mnangagwa’s leadership and their prayer for his continued good health and longevity until 2030 signify a deep-rooted faith in the Party’s direction and a desire to witness the realisation of national development goals.

The slogan ‘2030 VaMnangagwa vanenge vachipo’ encapsulates this sentiment, representing not just a political slogan but a heartfelt aspiration shared by many Zimbabweans, especially the younger generation.

Cde Garwe’s clarification of the slogan’s significance underscores its importance as a symbol of hope and collective aspiration for a prosperous future under President Mnangagwa’s leadership.

The victory celebrations are not mere ‘Thank You Rallies’; they serve as a platform for reflection, gratitude and recommitment to shared national ideals. 

Businessman and philanthropist Tawanda Chenana is also the ZANU PF Mashonaland East Secretary for Education.


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