Zim currency under serious attack


EDITOR —WE have always been lied to that in 1980 we inherited  a ‘good economy’.
That is pure nonsense.
We inherited a well organised colonial mafioso  exploitation system which was designed to benefit only colonialists. In our misinformed naivety, we thought by renaming it ‘Zimbabwe economy’  it would do the trick.
No it will not do the trick!
Understand: it’s their thing, they pull all the strings. All the systems, structures, policies, technology and education systems were designed to benefit their colonial mafioso system.
You can vote as much as you like, but we all know African economies are designed for economic rape! Until we totally eradicate the system, we will always be trapped.
Thus we are happy that when His Excellency took office, he promised reforms; five years on, those reforms have started to materialise.
They are people-centred and high impact developmental programmes.
Our hardships have been turned into one success story after another.
In light of the successful implementation of economic and political reforms under harrowing sanctions, another five years with His Excellency is on the cards.
The Second Republic has delivered more than 7 000-life enhancing projects for all Zimbabweans.
— Kempton, Binga.


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